Scenic Backdrop Rentals by Show or Theme

TheatreWorld® Backdrops’ Show and Theme rental collections span well over one hundred of the most popular main-stage productions, musicals, plays, and ballets, organized in an easily searchable index.

Additionally, TheatreWorld teams have complied a suggested list of backdrops to create show packages for most shows. Our clients are encouraged to create custom backdrop packages from our entire inventory of backdrops to meet their specific vision of the production or event being planned.  Our collection of backdrops consist of four sizes, ranging from 20’ wide x 10’ high to 48’ wide x 20’ high, allowing you to find proper size scenic imagery to accommodate your stage, space, and budget.

If you do not see the specific show theme that you are in search of, or are looking for a specific style backdrop that hasn’t been included in the suggested show and theme package, please search the TheatreWorld inventory by Category, as this may be a better tool under those circumstances, or use the Keyword search function. 

Not producing a Play, Musical, or Themed Event? Visit our Dance Backdrop selections page, Event and Party Planning Backdrop offerings, or our Entertainment Backdrop selections for more scenic imagery options. 

Please contact our Customer Service Team through Phone 1-855-TWB-DROPS or Online Chat for more information on backdrop inventories; also you can simply use our WishList to plan scenic backdrop selections and check availability. 


Click on any Thumbnail below to view a robust selection of scenic backdrops by Show and Theme.