Easter 62

Easter is a time of reflection, rebirth, and celebration. Whether you're looking for backdrops for your Passion play or a colorful spring scene for your Easter egg hunt, TheatreWorld has the backdrops you need for all your Easter events!

Suggested Backdrops

From somber reenactments to meet-and-greets with the Easter Bunny, there are plenty of Easter events that need backdrops! For Passion plays and other church events, ANCIENT MIDDLE EASTERN TOWN, with its distant mountains and plaster buildings, and FORUM OF AUGUSTUS, with its imposing columns, will transport you right back to Biblical times. For springtime scenes, consider the elegant CHERRY BLOSSOM PATH or bright ROLLING MEADOWS--both are resplendent with blooms and just scream spring. For the trifecta of pretty flowers, bright butterflies, and green grasses, turn to larger-than-life DAISIES AND FLOWERED GRASSES. Whatever your Easter event, TheatreWorld is here to help you bring it to life!

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