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TheatreWorld Backdrops' primary mission is to design, produce, and rent the highest quality Theatrical, Dance Recital, and Event backdrops in the United States. TheatreWorld Backdrops' expansive (1900+ units) and rapidly growing rental inventories span four (4) sizes of backdrops and can support your imagery needs in virtually any indoor venue.

Quality is Job One!

All TheatreWorld’s backdrops, headers and legs, panels, etc. are produced on medium-weight muslin, fully dipped/treated with environmentally-friendly Flame-Retardant, have grommets and ties circa every 12”, they include a 5” pole pocket stitched and basted onto the backdrop, and all edges are hemmed.  TheatreWorld’s production and fabrications associates maintain ISO 9001:2008 Certifications and are ANSI, IFA, UKAS, and QMS approved and certified. All paints used in the production of TheatreWorld Backdrops products are environmentally friendly.  In 2015, TheatreWorld Backdrops implemented an enhancement step in our preparation and fabrication processes.  Every large bolt of fabric used for TheatreWorld Backdrops is tested by an independent agency to further insure that the Flame-Retardant application meets or exceeds NFPA 701 requirements in the U.S. on all backdrops.  

TheatreWorld Backdrops are hand-painted by our world class artist teams to a level of detail not readily available in the backdrop rental industry.  We produce several scenic levels of backdrops with our Signature Series Backdrops being the most detailed; they are just a scenic breed apart and, in many cases, push the State of the Art.

Maintaining the Quality of every backdrop product in TheatreWorld’s rental inventory is a daily undertaking.  Every backdrop returned is fully opened and inspected by our Team.  The unit is cleaned and steamed as required, any damage is recorded, and the client is notified if excessive.  Damaged backdrops fall into several categories.  Minimal damage can be repaired quickly and the paint touchup can be scheduled in the future or scheduled immediately.  More serious damage requires the backdrop’s removal from the available rental inventory.  Damage repair will be scheduled with our quality control team; fabric patches, stitching, and in some cases, both may be required.  Once finished, the backdrop unit will be scheduled for painting and touchup.  If the backdrop’s repairs brings the quality of the audience viewable side back to new or like new condition, the backdrop will be released to the rental inventory.  If the backdrop requires down-grading, the backdrop will be scheduled for a theatre photo shoot and will not be released to rental inventories until complete.

Backdrops from Design to Creation

TheatreWorld Backdrops’ design teams come from a variety of backgrounds in the creative world; many are from the world of theatre and have held positions like director, developer and producer, scenery designer, etc.  Several who have contributed to our designs are current customers of TheatreWorld who had a unique vision of several theatrical scenes or of an entire show.  Many come to us from the world of dance and several are active, themed-event planners or coordinators.  Additionally, we have a group of associates from around the world who are recognized, practicing artists. 

As evidenced by our offerings, TheatreWorld Backdrops produces scenic or themed stage and event backdrops in many differing artistic styles to meet virtually all production needs from realistic to high-quality fantasy scenic.  Our teams take many of their design clues from history, architecture around the world, Mother Nature, and the evolution of our society. 

Customer Services

Our teams are extremely customer friendly and enjoy talking to our clients.  Please don’t hesitate to call us at any time with any concern or issue.  We have provided a Wish List in the website to simplify your planning and ordering process.  If you are more comfortable speaking with us directly to place an order, that’s no problem, our team looks forward to assisting you in any way possible.  Please visit our Customer Testimonial page to get a solid sampling of the comments our teams get from our valued clients.

Custom Backdrop Services

We fully understand the need for custom and logoed stage backdrops to support shows, dance recitals, and events.  Our team will work closely with you to insure you receive the highest quality backdrop at affordable rates for the design(s) you require.  Please visit our Custom Backdrop page for more details.

How We Got Started

Many on our teams have been involved in theater, dance, and event production for years; actually, we were backdrop renters.  We have a good grasp of the time and cost involved in developing, producing, and executing a high-quality production.  Like many of you, we were, in many cases, disappointed with the selection of scenic backdrops available for rent, as well as the quality of the product that arrived based on our order.  We wanted much better designs, actual art, top-level scenic execution, more audience impact, and just to receive products that were in good shape.

TheatreWorld Backdrops was initially created to provide higher quality, scenic and themed backdrop options for the local activities we were involved in; quickly we had a lot more friends in the local creative and production community.

TheatreWorld Backdrops today remains a Family and Friends small business enterprise, based just outside Tampa, FL.  Our design and production teams, however, are highly respected and worldwide.  In just a few short years, our valued clients have grown significantly and represent every state in the USA, with several in Canada and other countries.  Currently, we support Theatrical productions of all sizes and all levels of complexity, Dance recitals and competitions, Specialty Event productions from TV, Film, Entertainment, Corporate, Weddings, and more, in facilities from local dance studios to Mega Casinos and every stage size and venue in between.  Please visit our Customer Spotlight page to see our Backdrops displayed in many different venues using a variety of presentation options to achieve the vision of our clients.  We look forward to adding you and your team to our growing list of happy clients and bring the best visual images available in the world of hand-painted backdrops to your audiences.