Halloween 95

There's a chill in the air... witches, ghosts, and goblins lurk around every corner... it must be Halloween! From haunted houses to Halloween parties, TheatreWorld has all the backdrops you need to make your Halloween events truly "spooktacular"!

Suggested Backdrops

Enter... if you dare! It's Halloween night and HAUNTED MANSION and HAUNTED CASTLE are ready to be explored... if you're brave enough. HAUNTED MANSION FOYER - B hasn't been occupied in years--by living souls, at least. Deep underground, DEEP CAVERN DUNGEON and MAD SCIENTIST LABORATORY echo with the screams of past prisoners and experiments gone wrong. Will you make it out alive? The spirits lingering in our FOREST GRAVEYARD and ADDAMS FAMILY GRAVEYARD have been expecting you. And if you make it 'till morning, be careful not to get lost in AUTUMN FOREST DAYBREAK on the way home. Whatever your event, TheatreWorld Backdrops' Halloween collection is frighteningly good!

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