TheatreWorld’s® ‘Signature Series’ Scenic Backdrops Offer Unprecedented Levels of Detail, Colorization and Visual Dramatics

TheatreWorld’s Signature Series Scenic Backdrops: The Next Generation

Since our inception, TheatreWorld’s mission has been to provide theater and event backdrops of unrivaled quality. This lead us to design a specialty series of scenic backdrops that incorporate an extraordinary level of detail, coupled with vibrant colors. We begin with unique concepts and designs that undergo a rigorous revision process. The designs are then brought to life with the help of world class master painters. In the end, these backdrops become part of TheatreWorld Backdrops' Signature Series.

Our design teams are guided by our Director’s Round Table – a think tank of accomplished directors, choreographers, production designers, actors, set builders, lighting and sound engineers, and event coordinators.

We work with our Director’s Round Table to re-envision traditional theatrical imagery.

Their influence helps us to create one-of-a-kind pieces for our event and theater backdrop rental inventories.

Artful, Intelligent, and Vivid Colorization. Never Over Baked.

Historically, theatrical backdrops were designed to provide subtle imagery to support traditional plays and musicals without clashing with set pieces or on-stage talent.In recent years, directors have gravitated towards more visually compelling scenery. Event and corporate planners have also begun using scenic backdrops to enhance their events. As a result, backdrops have become excessively colorful, to the point that they are simply overdone. TheatreWorld’s collection of Signature Series backdrops is designed to be architecturally correct, delightfully colored, stylized where called for, but never “over baked.” 

What it Takes to be Signature Series

Signature Series backdrops contain enhanced levels of detail and are executed with artistic precision. This caliber of specialty backdrop requires a minimum of 50% more design and production work than traditional scenic drops. Where appropriate, we begin with historically and geographically correct scrap art to conceptualize visual layouts for our original custom sketches. All Signature Series backdrops are subject to several additional quality control reviews to ensure the most original designs and detailed products for our clients.

Signature Series backdrops achieve a three-dimensional look. This requires scrupulously accurate execution in shading and color transitions to enhance depth perception. In select cases, TheatreWorld’s Signature Series backdrops include the use of specialty paint materials which contain: black light reactive highlights, copper, real silver, and even real gold. After being released to rental inventories, Signature Series backdrops continue to be held to higher quality control standards and are replaced on a more accelerated schedule. 

(Backdrops to be shown: Baroque Dining Room, Agrabah Marketplace, Vintage Times Square, Emerald City Great Hall, Be Our Guest Celebration Curtain)

Signature Series Backdrop Specifications and Materials

Signature Series backdrops are available in four standard sizes: 48' wide x 20' high, 40’ wide x 18’ high, 25’ wide x 15’ high, and 20' wide x 10' high. For custom backdrop orders, we are happy to provide a wider range of sizes from 8’ wide x 8’ high to 60’ wide x 25’ high.

All backdrops begin as high quality, medium weight muslin. The muslin is then submerged in and fully impregnated with government-approved flame retardants. The tops of all backdrops are doubly reinforced, hemmed, and contain grommets and ties. The sides are completely finished and hemmed. The bottom is hemmed and an independent pole pocket is stitched into the entire length of the backdrop.