Frequently Asked Questions

Please familiarize yourself with the questions and answers below. TheatreWorld® Backdrops has done our best to provide you with great information to many of our customers’ most popular questions. Should you have a question that is not listed below, please call us at 1-855-TWB-DROPS or email us

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Who is TheatreWorld Backdrops and why should I consider them?

TheatreWorld Backdrops LLC is the premier provider of backdrops for: theatre, stage, dance, special event and photography industries in the United States. StudioWorld Backdrops, our photography division, is supported by it's own website . Please visit that site for all of your photography backdrop needs. TheatreWorld Backdrops rents full suites of hand painted scenic backdrops specifically designed to accommodate the most popular show themes as well as dance and event categories. TheatreWorld Backdrops are a scenic breed apart, and represent the finest selection of scenic drops in the industry.


Why should I consider using a backdrop for my event?

A backdrop can be the final element that brings your theatrical production, dance recital or event to life in the grandest way possible. They set your stage, enhance event decor, drive home your theme, and provide a visual impact that makes your presentation truly unforgettable. Backdrops can also replace the need for and expense of multiple set pieces and props, because they provide a full array of visuals on a grand scale. Please take a moment to visit our Customer Spotlight page to see our scenic backdrops in action.


What types of backdrops does TheatreWorld offer?

TheatreWorld offers a broad spectrum of backdrops designed to accommodate most high quality productions: theatres, schools, dance ensembles, corporate event planners, cruise ship entertainment directors, and the like. We feature a rapidly growing selection of drapery products that have been directly inspired not only by Broadway, National Tours, and London's West End productions, but also by a wide variety of popular, world-class entertainment venues such as Las Vegas, Branson, world renowned nightclubs and film/television productions. While our primary products are large format backdrops that are available in up to four sizes, we also offer a growing selection of headers and legs. Browse our website to see what our Artists have been up to, we think that you will like what you see.


What are your rental rates?

TheatreWorld’s weekly backdrop rental rates vary based on the size, artistic complexity, and detail of the rented product, as well as the total number of rental weeks per backdrop. While we do carry a number of specialty items with varying costs, our hand-painted backdrops are available in up to four sizes per design: Cabaret/Party backdrops measure 20' wide x 10' high, Black Box backdrops (for smaller performance venues) measure 25’ wide x 15’ high, Traditional Stage backdrops measure 40’ wide x 18’ high, and our Large Stage backdrops measure 48' wide by 20' high. Additionally, TheatreWorld has a selection of headers which measure 40' wide x 6' high, and legs which measure 10' wide x 20' high. Headers and legs can be used in combination with our larger format backdrops to: add depth, adjust imagery according to your vision, create wings for staging and much, much more. While all rates are published on each individual backdrop’s product page according to the size and the design complexity of the backdrop you are interested in, rental prices for the first week range from $225.00 to $690.00 and additional weeks are discounted for longer rentals. On top of that, TheatreWorld is pleased to offer attractive customized package discounts for multiple backdrop rentals, which may be discussed with your account representative.


What are your purchase rates?

TheatreWorld’s backdrop purchase rates vary based on the size of the backdrop and the level of detail needed to produce the final product. Purchase prices by size are listed. For unique designs or to stay abreast of current specials on backdrop sale pricing please contact our Customer Service Team by telephone at 1-855-TWB-DROPS.


What is your standard rental week?

TheareWorld's standard rental weeks run Monday through Sunday of the week(s) in which you need the backdrops. All backdrops must be returned to UPS for return delivery the Monday immediately following your rental week. TheatreWorld's minimal rental period is one week per backdrop. If you are renting backdrops for more than one week, additional rental weeks are eligible for an automatic discount depending upon length of rental. 


Should I rent or purchase a backdrop?

The length of your rental, your available budget, and the number of times you plan on using the backdrop in the future all factor into the decision as to whether to rent or purchase. As we are primarily interested in building ongoing relationships with our customers, one of our backdrop specialists would be more than happy to help you determine the best possible option for you based on your current and future needs.


How are your backdrops painted?

Depending on the style of the particular drop in question, backdrops are either hand painted or painted using a combination of airbrush and hand-painted techniques.


Do you have backdrops that are printed digitally?

We do not offer digitally printed backdrops any longer as part of our rental inventories.


Do your backdrops come in a variety of sizes?

Yes. We can create a backdrop of any size to your exact specifications on a custom order. However, our standard sizes are: 20' wide by 10' high, 25’ wide x 15’ high, 40’ wide x 18’ high, and 48' wide by 20' high.


Can a backdrop only be used at the exact size of the drop?

Not at all. Every backdrop that TheatreWorld either rents or sells are soft goods. The material can be folded or rolled from the sides, and or or bottom to fit the exact size of your venue, provided you have selected a product that is larger than your space.We don’t recommend modifying the backdrop from the top and we caution our clients on the use of not fabric protected clamps.  If you modify the size of the drop and cause damage you will be responsible for the repair as that damage is not considered Normal wear.


What kind of material are your backdrops made out of?

All of TheatreWorld’s hand painted backdrops are Hand-Painted on a medium-weight muslin. Muslin is a cotton fabric. 


What do your condition specifications mean?

In order to provide our customers the best description of the standard “wear and tear” quality on rented items, TheatreWorld has devised a numbering system that is updated each time we rent and inspect a returned rental item. This system, rating backdrops on a scale of 1 – 5 (with 1 being in poor condition and 5 being new/like-new), ensures that our customers are receiving the most accurate information possible about their selected item. That said, once a rental item has fallen below 5 on this scale, the backdrop in question is either provided at a discount rental or sale price. Please consult the Conditions Chart for a detailed description of each number selection.


Are the colors and details of the backdrops depicted on the web site accurate?

While certain to be close to true color representation, the colors depicted on the TheatreWorld site may not always be accurate when viewing the tangible backdrop. Computer monitors (RGB) and printer inks (CMYK) all vary in color separation. Additionally, while pictures are worth a thousand words, we must remember that lighting requirements are different for all color combinations and a quality lighting technician can have dramatic impact on your presentation. Further, images depicted on the web site have been significantly reduced from their original size and are in most cases at least 1/50 of their original size. At such a reduction, the actual backdrops will have infinitely more detail than is able to accurately depict on the web site. Finite detail in a 40’ by 18’ backdrop will never look as good in a digital image on a website presented in 4” by 2” or expanded to 9” by 4.5” as it will in full size, on your stage, and properly lit. Because of this, we at TheatreWorld Backdrops INTENTIONALLY digitally photograph the actual backdrops in “flat light” with minimal atmosphere, somewhat clinically. Please see our full blog article on this topic here. You will deploy them in a professionally lit environment. You will likely use them in conjunction with sets, decorations, colorful costumes and actors, actresses and dancers performing in front of them, bringing your entire environment to life with depth of perception and choreography.


Our group uses projection equipment in lieu of backdrops. Do you have projection products available?

No. While TheatreWorld maintains a comprehensive digital image library of all of its backdrops, as a general rule, we do not sell these images for projection purposes.


How and when do I hang a backdrop? 

The Stage/Large format (20’ wide and wider) backdrops that TheatreWorld either rents or makes available for purchase have grommets and tie lines along the top (approximately every 12 inches) of each backdrop. Ties make it easy to hang the backdrop from the appropriate overhead suspension apparatus that your venue uses. Smaller formats can be ordered with grommet systems or Pipe Pockets; please speak to our associates to review your needs. As for when to hang a backdrop, TheatreWorld recommends that you hang your item(s) at least 24 hours ahead of time prior to your event date. This could help in reducing any wrinkles or creases in the rented items. Additionally, a pipe pocket is included on many of our backdrops. You may easily run a 1/2" PVC or EMT (electrical metal tubing) through the bottom of the Independent pole pocket (normally market) CAREFULLY. This will add a bit more weight to the bottom and pull the drop taut for a smoother look. Should you wish to remove wrinkles faster or a “non-cooperator”  simply use a clothing steamer with a plastic head on the backside (non-painted side) of the backdrop.  If you choose to utilize clamps to hang your backdrop or alter the size, please review and follow the instructions that are provided in the packaging when you receive your backdrop. Improper use of clamps is the most frequent cause of backdrop damage and not considered Normal wear. 


Are your products flame retardant/resistant? 

Please note, the following information will also be found in your white envelope document packet on bright pink paper located within the box of your backdrop rental.

The following statement was provided by our producer:

It is hereby certified that natural sheeting fabric measuring 1267.00 running meter of 132" width and construction of 60x60 with 20s yarn, has been treated for Flame Retardancy by us and the same fabric has been tested in the lab and passed all tests successfully. The same fabric has been used to produce all the backdrops for TheatreWorld Backdrops, which are manufactured and painted by us. The fabric, thus treated, passed NFA 701 testing successfully, which is substantiated by the lab report attached, tested from Govt. owned and approved Lab under the Ministry of Textile, Govt. of India, NITRA. It is further certified that this fire retardancy treatment on the fabric mentioned above will remain effective for a period of four years or more from the date of the treatment or issuance of this certificate with normal use and reasonable care and cleaning, as they're over treated and are durable. The flame retardant chemical is non-corrosive, formaldehyde free, has no objectionable odor of fumes in the area of operation and the goods. Ingredients of the chemical have no adverse effect on the environment. It imparts non-hygroscopic, non-corrosive, non-plasticizing & thermally stable FR finish. This finish is stable to outdoor exposure (i.e., UV radiation, heat & humidity) and therefore it imparts a very high longevity to its efficacy.

Fire Marshals throughout the country have reviewed and accepted TheatreWorld’s Flame-Retardant documentation. Some Fire Marshals would like to have a copy of the report or two for their files. Simply call us and give us the Marshal's name and email address and we will be happy to send them copies of several reports. Should they wish to run their own testing, we have a limited supply of testing swatches available to send them.

TheatreWorld Backdrops maintains Life-Cycle Management Information on every backdrop in our inventories. Proper backdrop cleaning and inspection processes are part of our standard quality control procedures that every returning backdrop goes through. We maintain our backdrops to the highest standards in the industry.

For additional information regarding the history of our Flame Retardancy development, please click here to download a copy of the TheatreWorld Backdrop Flame Retardancy Statement.


Can I use a rented backdrop for an outdoor event?

No, we do NOT allow our backdrops to be used outdoors or or in any area where they could be exposed to the elements. Water and moisture will react with the fire retardant chemical and ruin the backdrop. However, backdrops hung inside a tent are acceptable as long as they are kept off of grass or moist surfaces and do not get wet. In addition, venues with open-air stages are also suitable if the backdrop is protected by an awning and does not get wet.


How are your backdrops shipped to me and how do I have to ship them back to you?

TheatreWorld uses United Parcel Service (UPS) ground shipping for standard orders; however, we are happy to ship your item via UPS Air if that is your preference or if your scheduling dictates. TheatreWorld does pass along a portion of our shipping volume discount to our clients. Determining shipping time frames/levels are established upon required dates based upon when the renter needs the drop in hand. (TheatreWorld cannot be held responsible for interruption of service for circumstances beyond our control. This includes any freight carriers not meeting deadlines at their fault or for reasons beyond their control. TheatreWorld Backdrops is not responsible for additional costs relating to crews hanging or taking down backdrops/drapes at your location for delayed, incorrectly routed, or any other circumstances out of our control.) Upon opening your box, you will find documents inside that ARE NOT TO BE DISCARDED. Please review the instructions on these documents. Shipping fees for the actual delivery and return have been prepaid by TheatreWorld, your complimentary UPS return label will be sent as part of the document package inside of your shipment. As we use UPS Ground services to save our customers shipping costs, please be aware that UPS Ground must be scheduled 3 days in advance in order to accommodate pick-up at your facility, or you may opt to drop off the backdrop(s) at your local UPS Store. If your facility does not already have regularly scheduled UPS pick-ups you may be charged an additional fee by UPS for the pick-up service. Dropping backdrops off at your local UPS Store will not result in any additional fees. Additionally, freight carriers do not move items on weekends, and they do not ship items on holidays. Please take this into account when allotting time for return service. If the original box has been damaged, you are responsible for finding a suitable box for shipping the items back to TheatreWorld.


How do I re-pack my backdrop(s) for shipment back to TheatreWorld?

All backdrops must be returned to TheatreWorld the way they were received in order to avoid damage during shipping. Our experienced warehouse staff takes time to fold and prepare each item before it is shipped out. You will notice that all items are folded carefully and shipped in muslin theatreWorld draw-string bags and sturdy boxes. Please fold the backdrop carefully on a clean floor as indicated in the documents that were included in your original shipment – PAINTED SIDE IN. Then place back in the protective muslin bag supplied, and return it in either the original TheatreWorld box originally shipped in, or if the TheatreWorld box has been damaged, a suitable replacement box. If the items returned to TheatreWorld have not been repackaged properly and damage occurs during return to TheatreWorld, you may be liable for damage fees.


How do I track my rented backdrop?

Once a backdrop has been shipped from TheatreWorld Backdrops to you, your UPS tracking number will be emailed to the contact email on file by UPS directly. Your shipment may then be tracked directly on the UPS web site.


What if I need to rent the backdrop for an extra day or two above what my contract specifies?

Please call us immediately. We need to check availability to make sure that another client is not expecting the backdrop, but would be happy to extend your rental period otherwise. Our Customer Services Team can also add additional days to your rental if you know that you may need a little extra time upon placing your order.


What happens if I accidentally damage a backdrop prior to my event?

Upon any damage to a TheatreWorld item, you must first call us immediately so that we may assess the situation and advise you on the best options for both your event and the backdrop. Depending on how severe the damage is, you might be able to apply a temporary fix in time for your production. We recommend only using gaffers tape; its quality allows easy removal without leaving residue. Tape should never be used on the painted side of the backdrop, it will cause further damage.


Is shipping included in your rental price?

No. We use UPS to send you the backdrop(s) and provide a pre-paid return label for your convenience. Additionally, we insure the backdrop while in transit with UPS and will resolve any in-transit issues with UPS as long as our customer has documentation that UPS received the return package on time. Your invoice will reflect your rental fee as well as your shipping and insurance fees. 


What are your shipping procedures during the Christmas and Holiday Season?

Due to the brevity of the winter holiday season, TheatreWorld ships all holiday-themed backdrops both to and from the customer via UPS. We select the least expensive 3 day shipping option that will schedule the backdrops for 3 day delivery and 3 day return. Doing so allows us to enable as many customers as possible the ability to include our next generation backdrops as part of their most important holiday productions. Please make sure that you and your team order your holiday backdrops early.


Does your website record any information about me?

In some instances our website will implant cookies on to your computer. Cookies are pieces of code that are commonly used on the internet to better help users navigate the web, and to allow websites to keep in touch with past visitors. We sometimes use cookies to monitor website visits and to serve advertisements on third-party websites other than our own. These advertisement placements allow us to serve ads with the assistance of companies such as: Google, Bing, Facebook, etc. The use of cookies allows us to organize our advertising efforts and to serve past visitors the most pertinent ads. While we may implant cookies, this effort does not allow us to record any personal information about any user. You can opt out of using cookies and personalize your advertising experience with Google here: or opt out of a much wider selection of online advertising platforms here: .

No mobile information will be shared with third parties/affiliates for marketing/promotional purposes. All the above categories exclude text messaging originator opt-in data and consent; this information will not be shared with any third parties.


What is TheatreWorld Backdrops' Wish List?

Our Wish List is a helpful tool that allows you to begin planning the imagery for your upcoming theatrical production, dance recital, ballet or special event. By adding backdrops to your Wish List you compile a comprehensive list of scenic options, and easily store them all in one place! Simply select the "Add to Wish List" button that is located on every individual backdrop landing page and then access your Wish List itself by clicking on "My Wish List" at the top of your screen. Submitting your Wish List is as easy as selecting your backdrops, filling out our contact form to let our Customer Service Team know when and where you will need them, and how you prefer for us to get ahold of you. Once submitted, we send a copy of your Wish List to your preferred email address so that you can share it with your colleagues and clients while we get to work on checking availability and pricing. As always, we are happy to answer any questions about the Wish List, your order, or any of our products via online chat or in person by calling us at 1-855-TWB-DROPS.