Swan Lake 78

TheatreWorld has backdrops to support your next production of Swan Lake, the ballet classic that tells the tale of a young maiden in the forest who is captured by the King and transformed into a white swan by day and a maiden by night.

Suggested Backdrops

TheatreWorld has beautiful backdrops to tell this tragic love story. GRAY FULL MOON is a classic forest with a hazy full moon peeking through skinny tree trunks. Add GRAY FULL MOON HEADER and GRAY FULL MOON LEGS for even more depth. Or, choose CLEARING IN THE WOODS, which features large shafts of moonlight and a stream beyond. For a haunting drop in a unique palate, consider MOONLIT PATHWAY. For interior scenes, the elaborate windows and gilded carvings of BAROQUE WINDOWS are a striking choice. Or, for a more traditional ballroom that has details dark enough to match the forest, consider BAROQUE BALLROOM. With TheatreWorld's backdrops behind your gorgeous choreography, there won't be a dry eye in the house when the curtain falls!

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