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Find the right scenic backdrop for your theatrical production, dance recital, special event or entertainment venue.

To simplify your planning process, we have provided several options for you to seek out the exact imagery that you envision.

Browse our backdrop rental inventory by: Shows and Themes (i.e., Cinderella, Mary Poppins), Categories (i.e., Forest and Jungle, Day Skies), or head directly to our collection of backdrops for Dance Recitals, Event Planners or Entertainment Venues (i.e., concerts, competitions).

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High Quality

All of our scenic backdrops are designed to provide the highest level of imagery for your stage production or event. Attention to detail and an emphasis on historically and architecturally-correct imagery is a must for the TheatreWorld Team. Backdrops for theatrical productions are researched in order to provide a variety of imagery options that allows each Director to display the scenery that their shows require, while also allowing each individual theatrical professional to put their touch on the production.

Multiple Uses

Our Dance and Ballet backdrops are developed to provide Choreographers and Dance Instructors with numerous options, making it possible to deploy the exact imagery that your dance recital theme calls for. Event Planners and those looking for backdrops for entertainment venues have access to hundreds of designs, available in up to four sizes.

Custom World-Class Hand-Painted Backdrops

Our team comes from a theatrical and design background and enjoys talking to our clients to create top quality designs, while developing a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

Contact us today to discuss pricing, delivery schedule, design ideas, and review your specific needs. We look forward to discussing your custom project and bringing your unique vision to life!

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