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TheatreWorld Backdrops Customer Spotlight

Much more than offering the finest theatrical and scenic backdrops available anywhere, we are invested in our customers' successes and are honored to display photos from some of their most recent productions.

We truly have the best customers in the business! Not only is building strong relationships and providing extraordinary customer service to our clients our highest priorities, but so is providing the finest Broadway-class backdrops available anywhere in the industry. Our success is rooted in our customers' success! Therefore, we are privileged to provide just a small sample of some of our customers' recent productions for your viewing pleasure.

  • Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter School Tackles YOU'RE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN

    Every winter the Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School wows the community of Franklin Massachusetts with their annual production. They open up auditions to the entire student body and are always sure to incorporate the school orchestra. They chose TheatreWorld's Charlie Brown Red Sky backdrop to enhance their latest rendition of YOU'RE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN. 

  • Lincoln High School's WIZARD OF OZ

    The team at Lincoln High School put together an extremely well thought out production of WIZARD OF OZ that incorporated flying effects and masterful lighting. Their hard work is a shining example of how even a younger cast and crew can put on a Broadway caliber show.

  • Real Life Church 2013 Holiday Services

    Real Life Church in Clermont Florida has a knack for incorporating contemporary musical styles, professional staging and a little pizzazz into their fellowship. They put a new face on their spiritual messages, while remaining dedicated to the messages that they share. Their creative minds chose our Olde World Toy Shoppe backdrop for their 2013 holiday services, and were kind enough to share some photographs.

  • Jammin' Junior's YOU CAN'T STOP A DREAM

    Jammin’ Junior refers to itself as the first and ONLY musical for children all about Healthier Food Choices, Core Values, Love, Friendships, Self Esteem, Our Planet and much more. It’s a one of a kind Character Rock Show-Musical performed by nine lovable and larger than life mascots along with eight professional dancers to create a fun and interactive show for children and adults alike. TheatreWorld was pleased to have our Scenic Backdrops, Vintage Times Square and Child's Wonderland used to brighten the faces of children throughout the run of Jammin’ Junior in Colorado.

  • LargoArts' ALADDIN, JR.

    Building on over ten years of tradition of excellence, the Largo Cultural Center prides itself on enthusiastically serving the community. As a part of a 3-week summer day camp for beginners to advanced students of theatre, LargoArts produced ALADDIN, JR. to help students develop audition skills, solo and ensemble voice development, choreography, prop and scenic design. TheatreWorld was thrilled to provide three of our stage backdrops, including: Arabian City, Agrabah Marketplace, Aladdin's Desert Palace.

  • All Saints Catholic Church's THE WIZARD OF OZ

    All Saints Catholic Church of Manassas, Virginia had its Youth Ministry performing everywhere from Munchkinland to Emerald City in the summer of 2013. Don’t be worried they only ran into a few lions, and tigers, and bears! To help create the over-the-top scenic design that THE WIZARD OF OZ is known for, All Saints called upon TheatreWorld to assemble a package consisting of six backdrops, including: Munchkinland, Black & White Prairie Farm, Haunted Forest, Phantom's Grotto, Road to Oz, and Emerald City Great Hall.

  • Community Children's Theatre Of Dutchess County's ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND

    Community Children's Theatre of Dutchess County, Inc. is an all-volunteer organization that has been providing the magic and excitement of quality live theatre for the past 50 seasons. In April of 2013, to support their mission of sharing the enjoyment of live theatre with as many children as possible, they journeyed down the rabbit hole and called upon TheatreWorld to provide our Child's Wonderland Scenic Backdrop to really capture the fantasy behind ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND.

  • That's Dancing presents ALADDIN

    Referring to themselves as “Louisville's leader in quality dance instruction for tots, teens, and in-betweens!”  That's Dancing of Louisville, Kentucky believes in morally sound instruction that never compromises family values for the current dance trends. TheatreWorld was pleased to help them create a custom stage and scenic backdrop package which included: Agrabah Market Place, Cave of Wonders, Aladdin's Desert Palace, and Rose Terrace that helped them to effectively showcase their recitals theme of ALADDIN.  

  • Grand Forks Red River High School's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

    “The tale as old as time,” was told by the members of the Grand Forks Public Schools' Summer Performance Arts Program, better known as SPA. SPA is an eight-week summer arts program available for students in the elementary, middle and high schools in the Grand Forks, North Dakota area. TheatreWorld was proud to provide nine scenic backdrops for their production of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, including: Baroque Dining Room, Grand Library, Grand Theatre Foyer, Old World Tavern Interior, 'Be Our Guest' Celebration Curtain, Belle's Town Square, Belle's Cottage, Beauty and the Beast Grand Drape, and Into The Woods which transformed the age old story into a visual spectacle fit for the Broadway stage!

  • FLF Films Fishbowl Television Commercial

    FLF Films was born out of the snowboarding phenomenon of the 1980's. After 10 years of making the top snowboarding, FLF Films and director Jerry Dugan were found by MTV Sports and ESPN2 and asked to shoot extreme sports segments for their new programs. Ad agencies have sought out FLF, almost 10 years now, and have developed an extensive client roster which includes some of the nation’s most well identified brands. TheatreWorld was happy to provide our Breaking Through the Clouds Stage Backdrop, which they intentionally hung upside down, to help create the illusion of being inside a fishbowl for a television commercial project.

  • The Master's Academy's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

    Under the direction of Morgan Matos, The Master's Academy in Oviedo, FL staged a spectacular production of Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST in May 2013.  TheatreWorld was pleased to provide Ms. Matos and her exceptional students with five backdrops for the acclaimed production including Belle's Town Square, Belle's Cottage, 'Be Our Guest' Celebration Curtain, Gaston's Hunting Lodge, and Dark Enchanted Forest.

  • Victorious Life Church's SE7EN

    Victorious Life Church is an outreach-driven church intent on making a mark on the Tampa Bay area. SE7EN, is a show that takes its audience through the  effects and consequences of falling victim to the seven deadly sins (1) Lust, (2) Gluttony, (3) Greed, (4) Sloth, (5) Wrath,(6) Envy, and (7) Pride. TheatreWorld was pleased to have our Into the Woods scenic backdrop incorporated into this one-of-a-kind show. 

  • Brookville High School's THE WIZARD OF OZ

    As their last scheduled production of the 2012-2013 school year, the Students of Brookville High School's Drama Department in Brookville, Ohio ventured over the rainbow and down the yellow brick road to present a quality production of THE WIZARD OZ. TheatreWorld was happy to have been asked to provide a five backdrop package which included: Emerald City Great Hall, Haunted Forest, Munchkinland, Wizard of Oz Main Drape,and Black & White Prairie Farm which transformed their high school auditorium into a place worlds away!

  • Hour Detroit Magazine's Spring Fashion Hour Of Enchantment

    In a secret forest where the forces of good and evil collide, a fantastical cast of characters brings the season's most magical fashion to life in Detroit Hour Magazine's photo shoot.  Incorporating TheatreWorld's new Belle's Cottage backdrop and creating additional set pieces based on the design, the latest fashions are brought to life in DH's April 2013 edition.

  • Ballet Nebraska's ALICE IN WONDERLAND

    Critics called Ballet Nebraska's recent production of ALICE IN WONDERLAND "A Dainty Charmer" and said that the production "bewitched" packed houses!  TheatreWorld was extraordinarily pleased to be a small part in the success of this production and add dynamic scenery (Wonderland Gate and Mushroom Forest) to complement the work of guest choreographer, Kenneth Oberly, and the fantastic costumes of designer, Erica Overturff.