Scenic Backdrop Details

SKU: 007-00420-2515-MH
Name: Battle of Hannibal
Condition: 5
Fire Retardant? Yes
Weight: 23 lbs.
Backdrop Size(s):
Rent Info: First Week Rent $410.00
  Second Week Rent $370.00
  Additional Week Rent $340.00
Purchase Info: Purchase Price $4,592.00

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Description: Created specifically for our PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Signature Series of hand painted backdrops, this backdrop beautifully depicts both the Hannibal rehearsal scene and, if desired, the "Think Of Me" scene in glorious fashion... complete with battling elephants, war horse, ancient Egyptian statues, tent encampment, desert and huge palms.
Applicable Shows: PHANTOM OF THE OPERA,
Keywords: PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, Hannibal, battle, elephants, horses, desert, palm trees, tents, oasis