Cinderella: Going Beyond the Script

Going Beyond the Script

Cinderella Backdrops and Scenery Perspectives

written by: Melanie Simmons

Cinderella is one of the most beloved rags-to-riches stories of all time. There are so many versions of this classic fairy tale available and similarly endless ways to stage this beloved story. Whether you’re going for a more “Disney-esque” feel for younger audiences or leaning more towards the classic Rogers and Hammerstein version, TheatreWorld has all the backdrops you need to make your own personal vision of this timeless musical come to life.

Professional Cinderella Once Upon A Time Scenic Backdrop

Once Upon A Time Scenic Backdrop

Quaint Village

The Rogers and Hammerstein version opens in the square of a sleepy country village, where a herald announces to the common folk that the royal family is hosting a ball. The King and Queen have invited everyone in the land to celebrate the Prince’s birthday! The villagers are abuzz with this news, especially the ladies, who are thrilled at the possibility of meeting the handsome and very eligible Prince. Only Cinderella seems exempt from the excitement. Not only is she mourning the death of her beloved father, but her stepmother and stepsisters make it clear that Cinderella is no better than a simple serving girl who has no business dreaming of balls and princes. A bright medieval village would beautifully contrast our heroine’s sadness. Alternately, you can amplify those undertones by going with a rich, colorful village square backdrop.

Professional CinderellaOld World Town Square Scenic Backdrop

Old World Town Square Scenic Backdrop

Professional Cinderella Olde European Village Scenic Backdrop

Olde European Village Scenic Backdrop

Palace Interior

Elsewhere, the Prince himself seems unmoved by all the excitement. While the King and Queen hope the Prince will find himself a bride, the Prince is daunted at the thought of all those eager gold diggers throwing themselves at him. Though his life is one of ease and wealth, as evoked by this lavish palace arch backdrop, the Prince has worries of his own.

Professional Cinderella Rose Terrace Scenic Backdrop

Rose Terrace Scenic Backdrop

Cinderella’s House

In her humble home, Cinderella watches her spiteful and nasty stepmother and stepsisters getting ready for the ball, their heads full of dreams and expectations of a royal proposals. Before long, they leave her behind to her fireplace and her cinders. However, in her mind she’s going to the ball anyway and her active imagination fills in the details. This backdrop features fireplace that both gives Cinderella comfort and inspires her unique moniker.

Professional Cinderella Old World Cottage Interior Scenic Backdrop

Old World Cottage Interior Scenic Backdrop

Granting Wishes

Cinderella wishes so greatly to attend the royal ball that a fairy godmother appears. She grants Cinderella’s wish, transforming her rags into a splendid gown and a pumpkin into a glittering carriage. If you’re going for a Disney feel, this might happen in a moonlit forest glen instead of before the fireplace. Let your imagination run free as you stage this iconic scene!

Professional Cinderella Tranquil Woods Scenic Backdrop

Tranquil Woods Scenic Backdrop

Professional Cinderella Blue Full Moon Scenic Backdrop

Blue Full Moon Scenic Backdrop

Professional Cinderella Enchanted Ruin In The Forest Scenic Backdrop

Enchanted Ruin In The Forest Scenic Backdrop

Castle and Ballroom

Cinderella’s fairy godmother gives her strict instructions to return home before midnight. Cinderella is then whisked off to the castle, where she makes a show-stopping entrance. A vision in her magical dress, Cinderella dances with the Prince to the awe of every bystander. Before long, the Prince is completely smitten with the mysterious beauty. There is no reason to hold back here on your staging. The more enchanting your setting, the more your audience will also be swept away by the magic and the romance. TheatreWorld offers several backdrops with lush, sweeping stairways, perfect for Cinderella’s entrance.

Professional Cinderella Enchanted Castle Scenic Backdrop

Enchanted Castle Scenic Backdrop

Professional Cinderella Majestic Mansion Foyer Scenic Backdrop

Majestic Mansion Foyer Scenic Backdrop

Professional Cinderella Baroque Ballroom Scenic Backdrop

Baroque Ballroom Scenic Backdrop

Midnight Strikes

Time flies, and, before Cinderella can even believe it, the clock strikes midnight and her time with the Prince is up. Despite his protestations, she must flee before her magic runs out. She leaves a devastated Prince alone on the palace steps… but she also leaves also a distinctive slipper. The Prince vows to use the slipper to find the mysterious woman who has captured his heart.

The next day, Cinderella’s house is buzzing with the events of the previous night. When Cinderella unintentionally reveals her too-accurate knowledge of the events of the ball to her conniving step-family, her step-mother hides her away to make sure the Prince doesn’t know of her existence. But the magic hasn’t abandoned Cinderella just yet. The Prince shows up at their doorstep with a slipper for every young maiden in the house to try on. Through a twist of fate (which varies depending on which version you stage), she tries on the slipper and it’s a perfect fit.

True Love Wins Out

Cinderella is an epic tale of a princess hiding inside a sweet, common girl and of karma having its way with those who tormented her. The Prince and Cinderella marry in all the splendor of royalty, to the eternal chagrin of the step-mother and step-sisters. The story always ends with our Prince and new Princess living happily ever after, everything now made right. This bright fairy-tale castle backdrop reflects the fact that everything is now right with the world.

Professional Cinderella Fairy Tale Castle Scenic Backdrop

Fairy Tale Castle Scenic Backdrop

Cinderella is one of the earliest and most iconic of the Disney princesses. No matter how you tell this classic tale, her story never fails to inspire and enchant audiences. Take hold of your own fate and let TheatreWorld help you bring your own unique vision to life through our Signature Series of backdrops and designs. Click on chat or call us today to see how we can complement your production.