Injecting Your Vision Into THE WIZARD OF OZ With Set Design

Injecting Your Vision Into THE WIZARD OF OZ With Set Design

THE WIZARD OF OZ is one of the most popular productions in all of musical theatre.  It is a timeless story that audiences of all ages know and love. Directors have access to four – yes, four – different scripts. This allows them to share this production in a way that meets the capabilities of their Lincoln High School's WIZARD OF OZ with TheatreWorld Professional Scenic Backdropcast and best shares their vision of Dorothy and her trip to and from the magical Land of Oz.  Add professional costumes, limitless lighting and set options, and WIZARD OF OZ backdrops and you have a production you truly can taper to meet your exact vision.

Choosing the Best Script 

Older Casts

The original, 1939 cinematic adaptation is the basis for the most popular versions of THE WIZARD OF OZ . Licensing for these adaptations is available from Tams Witmark. If you have an older cast, you will likely want to select either the MUNY or R.S.C. version of the show. Both include all of the musical numbers made famous by the movie. However, they differ slightly in their presentation.

  • The MUNY version is truly geared towards being performed onstage, though it still contains the key elements and plotlines of the movie. The presentation calls for fewer special effects and the script is written to be designed and performed as a traditional stage show. If you have a high school-aged cast this may be the script for you.
  • The R.S.C. version embraces the movie and brings it to life on-stage. It requires more technical effects and is more demanding vocally for your chorus and actors. If you have a larger cast, more advanced vocalists, and a fly system available, then this is your WIZARD OF OZ.

Younger Casts

If you have a young cast, then you still have two scripts to choose from.

  • Tams Witmark’s WIZARD OF OZ – Young Performers’ Edition is ideal for Directors who have middle or grade school-aged casts. This edition reduces the script to fit a one hour run time. However, it still contains critical scenes, popular musical numbers, and the feel of the film version.
  • Musical Theatre International licenses the Prince Street Players version of THE WIZARD OF OZ. This script is part of MTI’s Theatre for Young Actors collection, which makes making it ideal for Directors with grade and middle school aged casts and crews. Do note that this version is based upon the original book, versus the movie. As such, it does not contain all of the musical numbers and exact details associated with the film.

Key Scenes to Make Your Mark

Auntie Em’s Farm

TheatreWorld's Black and White Prairie Farm Professional Wizard of Oz Backdrop

Our Black and White Prairie Farm is a popular choice for Auntie Em’s Farm.

TheatreWorld's Black and White Prairie Farm Professional Scenic Wizard of Oz Backdrop

With proper lighting and a fly system our Black and White Prairie Farm has a new visual tone.

One of the first decisions that you will have to make is how to set the initial scenes that take place in Kansas. Directors who choose the Tams Witmark version and wish to mirror that exact presentation will want to present their opening scenes in black and white. Use grayscale set pieces and costumes to establish the colorless world of Kansas. Combined with black and white stage backdrops, this effect is surprisingly easy to pull off. TheatreWorld’s selection of WIZARD OF OZ backdrops contains a variety of black and white backdrops. Our imagery to support scenes based in Kansas ranges from a full on farm to general agricultural fields.

If you want a different feel, opt for color in your opening scenes. Many Directors have combined vibrant set pieces with colorful backdrops. (Luckily, all of our black and white backdrops for WIZARD OF OZ are also available in color!) Use this combination of tones to give your show a modern update.


The Haunted Forest

TheatreWorld's Haunted Forest Professional Scenic Backdrop in Brookville High WIZARD OF OZ

Our Haunted Forest backdrop was designed for THE WIZARD OF OZ & has supported many productions.

Stage Productions Family Theatre using TheatreWorld's Professional Scenic Backdrop Extremely Dark Forest

Our Extremely Dark Forest backdrop suits the Haunted Forest perfectly.

Dorothy and company’s trip through the Haunted Forest also allows Directors and Set Designers to put their own touch on the show. While our Creative Team has designed a drop specifically to support a traditional view of the Haunted Forest, many directors opt to search our selection of forest backdrops in order to find the imagery that speaks to how they envision the Haunted Forest. While the “darker” designs almost always win out some Directors have opted for realistic looking forestry, and added “haunted” elements via set pieces and stage lighting. When it comes down to it the visuals are yours to control and present as you see fit. Creating the exact sets that you have in mind is a fully attainable goal.

The Wicked Witch’s Castle

TheatreWorld's Professional Scenic Dragon's Lair Backdrop in a production of WIZARD OF OZ

Our Dragon’s Lair backdrop used in combination with targeted lighting creates a unique Wicked Witch’s Castle.

Wizard of Oz Production with TheatreWorld Backdrops Professional Scenic Backdrop Phantom's Grotto

Our Phantom’s Grotto backdrop may be the ideal choice for you Wicked Witch’s abode.

When it comes to the Wicked Witch’s Castle, Directors and Stage Designers have even more free rein. Some select a traditional castle interior, while others opt for background imagery with a darker tone to mirror the Wicked Witch herself. Everything from our brick-laden Dragon’s Lair to our subterranean Phantom’s Grotto backdrop have both been selected to set the scene of the Witch’s Castle. The Prince Street Players version is technically set in a dungeon, but many Directors choose to use the latter drop anyway. (It is a popular addition to Tams Witmark versions as well.)

Even the most classic scripts can be tailored to meet your vision. When a Director or Stage Designer adds their perception of the storyline to the on-stage imagery then they have made their mark on the script. THE WIZARD OF OZ is yet another production that allows you to show off your artistic prowess. Creativity is the basis for musical theatre. Shouldn’t your sets be an extension of yours?