Brand New Imagery for SHREK THE MUSICAL Now Releasing!

Brand New Imagery for SHREK THE MUSICAL Now Releasing!

Recently, our Creative Team focused a good amount of attention on creating new imagery options for SHREK THE MUSICAL. In an earlier post, we highlighted the planning process for one of these brand new drops. We showed you exactly how our team went about creating imagery for our Dragon’s Lair backdrop. Today, we are pleased to share our complete SHREK Collection. We designed this collection around Directors’ needs for this wildly popular show. TheatreWorld is proud to support your next production of this modern hit with Shrek backdrops for every scene.

Shrek’s Swamp

Every time that we set out to create a new show package, we consider the most popular scenes. We also consider the imagery needs for the characters themselves. One of our premier drops provides everyone’s favorite ogre with a place to call home. Shrek’s Swamp is a one of a kind backdrop that is filled with all of the detail and artistic ability that we require of our Signature Series. It features cypress trees, wild vines and, of course, a slimy swamp. This drop takes your audience deep into the marshes of the Land of Far Far Away. 

Shrek's Swamp Professional Scenic Backdrop

Princess Fiona – Fantasy Castle Towers

Fiona spends her childhood locked in the tower of a fairy tale castle. While a realistic castle backdrop would certainly work, our Fantasy Castle Towers provides you imagery that befits Fiona’s entrapment. It also accommodates the requirement of having multiple actresses portray Fiona as she grows into a woman. Targeting the placement of platforms in front of this drop will allow your actresses to perform their solos from dueling towers. This drop makes it easy to incorporate this element into your show. (Even if you do not have the means of building out an expansive set!)

Fantasy Castle Towers Professional Scenic Backdrop for SHREK THE MUSICAL

On the Road

Once Shrek and Donkey take their leave from the swamp they find themselves on a journey through a variety of landscapes. One SHREK backdrop just wouldn’t do for a journey of this magnitude, so our Creative Team developed two. Stylized Woods With Harvest Moon provides you a more serious and stoic setting. Budding wheat surrounds the hardwoods in this drop. A full Harvest Moon backs the trees. This bit of scenery gives you an autumn themed option. This drop is ideal for Directors in search of stylized imagery with a slightly conservative aesthetic for their cast’s rendition of “Travel Song.”

Stylized Woods with Harvest Moon Professional Scenic Backdrop

For a complimentary scene, our team put together a drop that brings a different feel to your stage. Daisies and Flowered Grass combines blooming wild flowers with lush bluegrass and a vibrant sunny sky. This backdrop was developed specifically for our SHREK THE MUSICAL collection. However, it has already become popular with many of our dance and event clients who are looking to provide lively springtime themes for their recitals and events. If you are seeking a more vibrant feel for Shrek and Donkey’s journey during your production, this is the backdrop for you. If you have a different vision, we suggest that you peruse our inventory of forest backdrops, as you can find woodland imagery for every season and time of day, allowing you to present the journey scenes as you see fit.

Daisies and Flowered Grass Professional Scenic Backdrop

Inside the Dragon’s Lair

In a previous post, we released our initial sketch for Dragon’s Lair. Today, we are pleased to share the final product with you. Our team designed a piece of imagery that screams fire breathing dragon. We drew inspiration from the underground of Chillon Castle. Detailed stone columns support Dragon’s dungeon-esque chamber. This backdrop is outfitted with a wrought iron door and stone walls. It’s the perfect setting for Dragon’s home. (Or for a variety of medieval and Olde World era events and productions.)

Dragon's Lair Professional Scenic SHREK THE MUSICAL Backdrop

As is custom with TheatreWorld’s design process, one version of the Dragon’s Lair just would not do. Enter, Dragon’s Lair Graystone. We took our original design and adjusted the colors and tones. This drop is a similar option that has a slightly more ominous feel. Some Lighting Directors have taken advantage of the lighter hues in this version. With intelligent lighting, you can adjust the color of the entire drop and turn it yellow, red, etc. Adjust the color throughout to visually convey the change in mood as your Donkey and Dragon first meet and ultimately begin their love affair.

Dragon's Lair Graystone Professional Scenic SHREK THE MUSICAL Backdrop

Duloc Castle Exterior

Our Duloc Castle Exterior backdrop is capable of supporting every scene that takes place at Lord Farquaad’s palace. We specifically designed this drop for this show. If you are looking to something slightly different explore our selection of castle and palace backdrops. We have an abundance of interiors and exteriors. They range in style from highly realistic to the realm of fantasy.

Duloc Castle Exterior Professional Scenic SHREK THE MUSICAL Backdrop

These brand new additions to our SHREK THE MUSICAL collection have already found homes in several upcoming stage productions and special events. Our SHREK collection will provide you with the finest quality imagery available in the backdrop industry. We look forward to receiving your feedback on these new backdrops, and to assisting you with your scenery needs for one of our favorite contemporary scripts.