Bank Interior

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SKU: 016-00620-4018-MH-02-3
Name: Bank Interior
Condition: 3
Fire Retardant? Yes
Weight: 39 lbs.
Rent Info: Rent Per Week $300.00
Purchase Info: Purchase Price $900.00

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Description: One our our most popular Mary Poppins backdrops, this unit has supported many productions in its lifetime. However, it was improperly hung and folded so that approximately 3' from the bottom the fabric dragged on a dirty stage during an extended show run. The drag line is visible from the first few rows of the audience. It does not meet TheatreWorld's Condition 5 or 4 quality standards.

An immaculate backdrop portraying an opulent bank interior. Unique perspective angles and design liberties have been taken in order to depict the financial institution from an "ant's eye view" thereby possibly representing financial oppression - one of the main themes of MARY POPPINS in which this drop was originally designed for.

Keywords: MARY POPPINS, bank, Mr. Banks, financial, office, building, work, money, investment, Signature Series