Broadway-Quality, Realism, Thoughtful Design, Drama, And Unmatched Coloring Are Trademarks of TheatreWorld’s Signature Series Backdrops

Broadway-Quality, Realism, Thoughtful Design, Drama, And Unmatched Coloring Are Trademarks of TheatreWorld’s Signature Series Backdrops

We are so thankful to all our customers, who have continually told us that our backdrops exceeded their expectations when they arrived. Yes, they are much better in person than on the website in almost every case. Toward that end, we are constantly asked, “Why?”

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but we must remember that every color combination requires different lighting. A quality lighting technician can have dramatic impact on your presentation. Finite detail in a 40′ by 18′ backdrop will never look as good in a digital image on a website presented in 4′ by 2′ or expanded to 9′ by 4.5′ as it will in full size, on your stage, and properly lit.

Because of this, we at TheatreWorld Backdrops INTENTIONALLY photograph the actual backdrops in “flat light” with minimal atmosphere, somewhat clinically. You will deploy them in a professionally lit environment. You will support them with sets, props, colorful costumes, and actors, bringing the entire environment “alive” with depth of perception and choreography.

Flat Light Makes a Difference

We took these photos outside in natural sunlight with a small, inexpensive camera. They are close-ups from about 8′ away, highlighting elements of the backdrops. We took the photos both in sunlight and shadows, just to show you the natural differences and the impact of simplex lighting. We intentionally did not hang these drops. Furthermore, we left the wrinkles intentionally. These photos have not been graphically enhanced using computer tools. The level of detail in the actual art is obvious. Even “at size” (40′ x 18′ or 25′ x 15′), it will be fully visible to your audiences or guests. This attention to detail during design and production is a TheatreWorld trademark.

Professional Scenic Backdrop, Desert Encampment, Untouched Close-Up PhotoClick here to see the Desert Encampment product photo.

American Town Square Professional Scenic Backdrop Untouched Close-Up PhotoClick here to see the American Town Square product photo.

We believe your theatrical performance or event teams should have the best resources available to them. They deserve to ensure the best production values and most impactful presentations for your guests and audiences. TheatreWorld Backdrops are, by far, just the best scenic and themed options available. TheatreWorld’s image libraries can assist you in the development of your Marketing or Presentation collateral and be invaluable for your costume and stage designers.

Let our associates assist you and your team with your next major event. Check out our Signature Series and the rest of our inventory. We look forward to you joining the growing TheatreWorld circle of friends. We look forward to chatting with you online, via email, or by telephone.