ANYTHING GOES Scenic and Themed Backdrop Rentals Available

Composer: Cole Porter
Playwrights: Russel Crouse, P. G. Wodehouse, Guy Bolton, Howard Lindsay
Lyricists: P. G. Wodehouse, Cole Porter

Licensing available through: Tams-Witmark Music Library

TheatreWorld Backdrops has just the scenic imagery you’re looking for to present ANYTHING GOES. This story of a love triangle aboard the S.S. American from New York to England is best known for its unlikely happy endings and eminent hummable songs written by the famed Cole Porter. Whether using our CRUISE SHIP DECK or DAYTIME SKIES, TheatreWorld’s backdrops will bring style and sass to your production of ANYTHING GOES! 

Image of *Art Deco Abstract Scenic Backdrop

*Art Deco Abstract

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of *Cruise Ship Deck - B Scenic Backdrop

*Cruise Ship Deck - B

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of *Day Sky Header Scenic Backdrop

*Day Sky Header

Image of *Moonlit Ocean Scenic Backdrop

*Moonlit Ocean

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of *Sunlit Ocean Scenic Backdrop

*Sunlit Ocean

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Blue Sky Sunburst Scenic Backdrop

Blue Sky Sunburst

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Breaking Through The Clouds Scenic Backdrop

Breaking Through The Clouds

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Chromatic Rainstorm Scenic Backdrop

Chromatic Rainstorm

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Dreams Come True Scenic Backdrop

Dreams Come True

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Feathered Fairy Tale Sky - B Scenic Backdrop

Feathered Fairy Tale Sky - B

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Fire Sky Scenic Backdrop

Fire Sky

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Grand Ballroom Scenic Backdrop

Grand Ballroom

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Grand Ballroom - B Scenic Backdrop

Grand Ballroom - B

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Le Cirque - B Header Scenic Backdrop

Le Cirque - B Header

Image of Le Cirque - B Legs Scenic Backdrop

Le Cirque - B Legs

Image of Le Cirque Celebration Drape Scenic Backdrop

Le Cirque Celebration Drape

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Le Cirque Header Scenic Backdrop

Le Cirque Header

Image of Le Cirque Legs Scenic Backdrop

Le Cirque Legs

Image of NYC Skyline from the Park Scenic Backdrop

NYC Skyline from the Park

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Patriotic Header Scenic Backdrop

Patriotic Header

Image of Patriotic Legs Scenic Backdrop

Patriotic Legs

Image of Speakeasy Interior Scenic Backdrop

Speakeasy Interior

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Starry Night Scenic Backdrop

Starry Night

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Stars Applique Scenic Backdrop

Stars Applique

Image of Stars Applique - B Scenic Backdrop

Stars Applique - B

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Director's Comments

While the entire show takes place aboard the ocean liner, we have seen a variety of approaches to set design for ANYTHING GOES. If you are looking for something more stylized than our CRUISE SHIP DECK backdrop, we have options like FIRE SKY, CRIMSON SUNSET, or even STARS APPLIQUE that are ideal behind a cruise ship deck set piece. Through the use of intelligent lighting and design, backdrop colors can be manipulated significantly to convey the mood of the scene. We highly recommend the use of our PATRIOTIC HEADER and LEGS for productions of ANYTHING GOES to help provide the illusion of added or reduced space, while reinforcing the traditional Americana theme

Director’s Round Table Suggested Scenic Backdrops