JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH Scenic and Themed Backdrop Rentals Available

Music and Lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul
Book by Timothy Allen McDonald

Licensing available through: Music Theatre International

TheatreWorld has JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH backdrops that are out of this world!  Our GIANT PEACH IN THE SKY hand-painted backdrop is just the scenic imagery that you need to convey the story of a young boy who takes you on a journey that you’ll never forget! FIRESKY and CRIMSON SUNSET are other scenic options that work well for the travel scenes as James navigates from Europe to New York City aboard his Giant Peach.  

Image of *Central Park Scenic Backdrop

*Central Park

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of *Day Sky Header Scenic Backdrop

*Day Sky Header

Image of *Moonlit Ocean Scenic Backdrop

*Moonlit Ocean

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of *Sunlit Ocean Scenic Backdrop

*Sunlit Ocean

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Autumn Forest Daybreak Scenic Backdrop

Autumn Forest Daybreak

Image of Captain's Quarters Scenic Backdrop

Captain's Quarters

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Clearing in the Woods Scenic Backdrop

Clearing in the Woods

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of European Countryside Scenic Backdrop

European Countryside

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Feathered Fairy Tale Sky - B Scenic Backdrop

Feathered Fairy Tale Sky - B

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Fire Sky Scenic Backdrop

Fire Sky

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Giant Peach In The Sky Scenic Backdrop

Giant Peach In The Sky

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Land and Seascape Scenic Backdrop

Land and Seascape

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Lights of N.Y.C. Scenic Backdrop

Lights of N.Y.C.

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of New York Noire Scenic Backdrop

New York Noire

Image of Night Sky Harvest Moon Scenic Backdrop

Night Sky Harvest Moon

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of NYC Skyline from the Park Scenic Backdrop

NYC Skyline from the Park

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Snowy Central Park Scenic Backdrop

Snowy Central Park

Image of Storybook Scenic Backdrop


(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Stylized Manhattan Scenic Backdrop

Stylized Manhattan

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Tranquil River Scenic Backdrop

Tranquil River

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Vintage City Docks Scenic Backdrop

Vintage City Docks

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Vintage Seaside Town Scenic Backdrop

Vintage Seaside Town

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Vintage Times Square Scenic Backdrop

Vintage Times Square

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Wood Cottage Scenic Backdrop

Wood Cottage

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Director's Comments

Based on Roald Dahl's popular book, JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH is available in both the TYA and Junior versions, with the expected release of the full script in the Fall of 2015. Directors have the option of presenting a very backdrop heavy production, including supporting imagery for the orphanage, the evil aunts' cottage, the giant peach (of course!) and the final destination of New York City, or they can opt for a more simple approach by simply deploying a small number of drops and complementing them with fitting set pieces. As this production includes heavy doses of both fantasy and reality, Directors can mix up their backdrop selections to present the show in very unique ways.

Director’s Round Table Suggested Scenic Backdrops