Spiritual/Worship Scenic Backdrop Rentals Available

TheatreWorld's religious backdrops for churches and synagogues have assisted worship centers around the nation in setting a theme at special services and for productions and events in other areas of their religious institutions. The imagery from our backdrop rental inventory below has been hand selected to support those who want to add emphasis to the way they worship. If you do not see the church backdrops that you are looking for here, please visit our Show and Theme page to search backdrops for specific scripts, our Category page to search backdrops by specific groupings, or peruse our Entertainment Backdrop selections. You can also call or chat online for more information oruse our Wish List to plan your imagery and check availability.

Click on any title below for more information on renting any of our religious backdrops for churches and synagogues. 

Image of *Holy Land Night - B Scenic Backdrop

*Holy Land Night - B

Image of *Mission Interior Scenic Backdrop

*Mission Interior

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Baroque Cathedral Interior Scenic Backdrop

Baroque Cathedral Interior

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Bethlehem Night Scenic Backdrop

Bethlehem Night

Image of Christmas Blessings Scenic Backdrop

Christmas Blessings

Image of Daisies and Flowered Grass Scenic Backdrop

Daisies and Flowered Grass

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Daisies and Flowered Grass - B Scenic Backdrop

Daisies and Flowered Grass - B

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Fire Sky Scenic Backdrop

Fire Sky

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Forum of Augustus Scenic Backdrop

Forum of Augustus

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Fushimi Shrine Scenic Backdrop

Fushimi Shrine

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Holy Land Night Scenic Backdrop

Holy Land Night

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Pharaoh's Palace Interior Scenic Backdrop

Pharaoh's Palace Interior

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Saint Patrick's Cathedral Scenic Backdrop

Saint Patrick's Cathedral

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Saint Paul's Cathedral Scenic Backdrop

Saint Paul's Cathedral

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Star Over Bethlehem Scenic Backdrop

Star Over Bethlehem

Image of Tranquil River Scenic Backdrop

Tranquil River

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Wooden Crosses Scenic Backdrop

Wooden Crosses