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Candyland Scenic Backdrop Rentals Available

TheatreWorld's selection of Candyland backdrops are designed to support events that are geared towards children and light hearted themes. When deployed for theatrical purposes this selection of stage backdrops is perfect for one of the most integral scenes in the Nutcracker. As a result many of our clients who are looking to provide top-notch imagery for their ballets and recitals take advantage of this segment of our stage backdrop rental inventory. Many of the Event and Party Planners that we work with utilize this portion of our inventory when they are in need of imagery that will evoke the inner child of their audience. Regardless of your purpose our selection of Candyland Backdrops is available for your next event or production.
Click on any backdrop image below for more information or to see larger pictures.
Image of *Chromatic Rainstorm Scenic Backdrop

*Chromatic Rainstorm

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of *Gingerbread Village Scenic Backdrop

*Gingerbread Village

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of *Palace of Sweets Legs Scenic Backdrop

*Palace of Sweets Legs

Image of Candyland Castle - A Scenic Backdrop

Candyland Castle - A

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Candyland Castle - B Scenic Backdrop

Candyland Castle - B

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Candyland Gumdrops Scenic Backdrop

Candyland Gumdrops

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Chocolate Factory Interior Scenic Backdrop

Chocolate Factory Interior

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Chocolate Factory Night Scenic Backdrop

Chocolate Factory Night

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Chocolate Valley Scenic Backdrop

Chocolate Valley

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Classical Kingdom Of The Sweets Scenic Backdrop

Classical Kingdom Of The Sweets

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Hard Candy Chamber Scenic Backdrop

Hard Candy Chamber

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Palace of Sweets Scenic Backdrop

Palace of Sweets

(Multiple Sizes Available)