Customer Photo Roundup

Customer Photo Roundup: November/December 2022

For the TheatreWorld Customer Relations Team, one of the best parts of our job is receiving your production photos. We love to see the ways our customers bring our backdrops to life!

From lighting choices to the way the backdrops are integrated into the set design, there are a million ways to make a TheatreWorld backdrop your own. No time of year illustrates this better than November/December. With so many companies mounting the same holiday favorites, from The Nutcracker to A Christmas Carol, you’d think that all the pictures we received from our customers would look similar. In spite of this, you continually surprise us with your creativity.

Here are some photos that particularly impressed our team this holiday season. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Dance Customer Photos

Below are some of our favorite dance photos, featuring: Santa’s Village, Baroque Ballroom, Victorian Palace Ballroom, Glass Palace Foyer, and Starry Night.

Miss Diana's School of Ballet SANTA'S VILLAGE Professional Scenic Backdrop
Ellensburg Dance Ensemble BAROQUE BALLROOM Professional Scenic Backdrop
30 A VICTORIAN PALACE BALLROOM Professional Scenic Backdrop

DIABLO BALLET STARRY NIGHT Professional Scenic Backdrop
Axis Dance Co GLASS PALACE FOYER Scenic Backdrop

Music and Worship Photos

This next set of photos contains some of the best customer photos from concerts and worship events. Backdrops pictured: Victorian Parlor Christmas – B, Ice Skating Pond, Winter Mountain at Night, Christmas Blessings, and Golden Christmas Tree.

Beacon Baptist Church Victorian Parlor Christmas B Professional Scenic Backdrop
Brockton High School Snowy Christmas Tree Ridge Professional Scenic Backdrop
Saginaw Choral Society WINTER MOUNTAIN AT NIGHT Professional Scenic Backdrop
The Vocal Majority CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS Professional Scenic Backdrop
South Florida State College GOLDEN CHRISTMAS TREE Professional Scenic Backdrop

Theatre Customer Photos

Finally, here are a few photos from our theatre customers. Pictured are our Victorian Street with Snowdust – B and Medieval Street backdrops.

Players on Air VICTORIAN STREET WITH SNOWDUST B Professional Scenic Backdrop
Temecula Valley Players MEDIEVAL STREET Scenic Backdrop

Photo credit to: Miss Diana’s School of Ballet, Ellensburg Dance Ensemble, 30A Ballet, Diablo Ballet, Axis Dance Co, Beacon Baptist Church, Brockton High School, Saginaw Choral Society, The Vocal Majority, South Florida State College, Players on Air, and Temecula Valley Players.

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