WILD PARTY, THE Scenic and Themed Backdrop Rentals Available

Music, Lyrics, and Book by Andrew Lippa
Based on the Poem by Joseph Moncure March

Licensing available through: Music Theatre International

Lovers Queenie and Burrs decide to throw the party-to-end-all-parties in their Manhattan apartment. Their colorful guests live life on the edge and the party rages late into the night. When the striking Mr. Black arrives and catches Queenie's wandering gaze, tension flows as freely as gin. As Burrs' jealousy erupts, he turns on Queenie and Black. The gun gets fired, but who gets shot? 

From skylines to speakeasies, TheatreWorld has the scenic, hand-painted backdrops to support your "wild, wild party"! Andrew Lippa's WILD PARTY is based on Joseph Moncure March's 1928 narrative poem of the same name. "Raise the roof" off your theater with this darkly brilliant and steamy prohibition tale, which features one of the most exciting scores ever written.

Image of *Art Deco Abstract Scenic Backdrop

*Art Deco Abstract

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of *Baroque Parlor Scenic Backdrop

*Baroque Parlor

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of *Ironworks Header Scenic Backdrop

*Ironworks Header

Image of *Ironworks Header - B Scenic Backdrop

*Ironworks Header - B

Image of *Ironworks Legs Scenic Backdrop

*Ironworks Legs

Image of *Ironworks Legs - B Scenic Backdrop

*Ironworks Legs - B

Image of Broadway Lights Scenic Backdrop

Broadway Lights

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of East Side Street Scenic Backdrop

East Side Street

Image of East Side Street - B Scenic Backdrop

East Side Street - B

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Highrise Building Exterior Scenic Backdrop

Highrise Building Exterior

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Lights of N.Y.C. Scenic Backdrop

Lights of N.Y.C.

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Mission Interior Scenic Backdrop

Mission Interior

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Modern Loft Interior Scenic Backdrop

Modern Loft Interior

Image of New York Noire Scenic Backdrop

New York Noire

Image of Red and Gold Drapes Scenic Backdrop

Red and Gold Drapes

Image of Red Brick Wall Scenic Backdrop

Red Brick Wall

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Speakeasy Interior Scenic Backdrop

Speakeasy Interior

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Stylized Manhattan Scenic Backdrop

Stylized Manhattan

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Victorian Palace Ballroom Scenic Backdrop

Victorian Palace Ballroom

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Image of Vintage Warehouse - B Scenic Backdrop

Vintage Warehouse - B

(Multiple Sizes Available)

Director's Comments

TheatreWorld’s scenic backdrop selection for Andrew Lippa's THE WILD PARTY are designed to assist Producers and Directors present this very popular musical in an extremely rich style.  Several of the Backdrops in this themed offering are highly detailed, period, and geographically realistic TheatreWorld Signature Series Backdrops.  Budget friendly multi-backdrop show packages are available.  Please call or chat online with our customer support teams for details on special show packages or to discuss your presentation, comments, or ideas.