Sorority House

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SKU: 008-00760-4018-MH-02-4
Name: Sorority House
Condition: 4
Fire Retardant? Yes
Weight: 36 lbs
Rent Info: Rent Per Week $387.00
Purchase Info: Purchase Price $1,935.00

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Description: This backdrop has had a few too many sorority parties and received a number of tears around the window cut-outs. All have been professionally repaired and painted, but it no longer meets our "new/like-new" quality condition.

"Omigod! Omigod you guys!" Check out the perfect backdrop of Elle's Delta Nu Sorority House for productions of LEGALLY BLONDE! Intricate architecture colorized in Elle's signature pink, this sorority house comes complete with four reinforced, cut-out windows for sorority sisters to easily lean out and sing along with Elle for the opening number! Window cut-outs are intentionally larger than traditionally available (measuring 36" high x 28" wide and beginning 27" from the bottom of the drop) in order to allow safety and a larger "playing area" to the allow the actresses more flexibility, and the while reducing the possibility of accidentally tearing/ripping the backdrop.
Applicable Shows: LEGALLY BLONDE,
Keywords: LEGALLY BLONDE, sorority house, Elle Woods, Greek, college, university, exterior, dorm, dormitory