Chromatic Rainstorm

Image of Chromatic Rainstorm Scenic Backdrop

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Scenic Backdrop Details

SKU: 036-00020-4018-MH-02-3
Name: Chromatic Rainstorm
Condition: 3
Fire Retardant? Yes
Weight: 41 lbs
Rent Info: Rent Per Week $900.00
Purchase Info: Purchase Price $900.00

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Description: FOR SALE ONLY in AS-IS Condition!

This backdrop is practically brand new, but was left too close to stage lights for an extended period of time. There are 3 minor burns in the lower left corner, a tear at the bottom center, and a tear on the right edge near the center. 

The backdrop has been repaired and still looks amazing. However, due to the burn damage, we can not rent this backdrop unit. It is available for purchase ONLY.

Enchant your eyes and thrill your audience with this spectacular rainbow, sparkle, and cascading backdrop.
Applicable Shows: JOSEPH... DREAMCOAT,
Keywords: rainbow, color, sparkle, lights, dance, abstract, pride