Trevi Fountain

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SKU: 034-00030-4018-MH
Name: Trevi Fountain
Condition: 5
Fire Retardant? Yes
Weight: 40 lbs.
Backdrop Size(s):
Rent Info: First Week Rent $529.00
  Second Week Rent $479.00
  Additional Week Rent $425.00
Purchase Info: Purchase Price $5,700.80

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This triumphant example of Baroque art with its soft, natural lines and fantasy creatures is the largest Baroque fountain in the city of Rome and one of the most famous fountains in the world. In it we see the figure of Oceanus carried triumphantly by two horses which represent both the violent strength and the calm tranquility that personifies the sea. Legend holds that a coin thrown into the fountain over your shoulder will ensure a safe return to Rome. Throw in a second coin if you’re seeking love – or a third if you desire the perfect backdrop for your next event!

Keywords: Italy, water, marble, column, masterpiece, light at piazza, dance, Latin, Signature Series