Scenic Backdrop Details

SKU: 038-00020-4018-MH
Name: Palace of Supreme Harmony
Condition: 5
Fire Retardant? Yes
Weight: 40 lbs.
Backdrop Size(s):
Rent Info: First Week Rent $579.00
  Second Week Rent $529.00
  Additional Week Rent $475.00
Purchase Info: Purchase Price $6,260.80

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Description: Situated along the southern banks of the Perfume River, the Thai Hoa Palace is one of Vietnam's most significant and impressive locations. The name “Thai Hoa” bears a profound philosophic meaning that refers the supreme harmony between yin and yang, between human beings and the nature. Featuring an elevated throne with REAL GOLD PAINT and beautifully adorned and lacquered columns showing red and gold dragons and clouds, this backdrop is a royal masterpiece! 

Keywords: throne, Saigon, Siam, king, Emperor, Thailand, Vietnam, Signature Series, oriental