Scenic Backdrop Details

SKU: 038-00030-4018-MH
Name: Fushimi Shrine
Condition: 5
Fire Retardant? Yes
Weight: 40 lbs.
Backdrop Size(s):
Rent Info: First Week Rent $579.00
  Second Week Rent $529.00
  Additional Week Rent $475.00
Purchase Info: Purchase Price $6,260.80

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Description: One of Kyoto's oldest and most revered Shinto shrines, the magical, seemingly unending path of over 5,000 vibrant orange torii gates wind through the hills behind Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine. Whether you're a Geisha, an Emperor, a rurouni, a samurai, or a tourist, you can pass the kitsune komainu ("guardian foxes"), explore the Senbon Torii ("a thousand torii gates"), and find yourself walking through the entrance to another world. 
Keywords: Japan, Kyoto, Shinto, shrine, fox, kitsune, arch, forest, zen, kami, vermillion, Mikado, oriental