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TheatreWorld Backdrops’ New Fall Backdrop Releases Setting New Heights In Stage And Event Imagery

Lots of exciting backdrops for Winter Themes, DISNEY’S THE LITTLE MERMAID and ELF: THE MUSICAL!  Brand new SHREK: THE MUSICAL backdrops releasing in October!

Our design and production teams “had the pedal to the metal” all summer long producing TheatreWorld’s new backdrop line up for the fall seasons.  60+ new designs have been hand-painted to support Holiday shows and events, as well as major enhancements to many of the most popular shows being produced today by theatrical and dance companies at all levels. TheatreWorld’s Holiday and Snow categories were enhanced by circa 15 new backdrops, encompassing scenic masterpieces to support general holiday events through several of the most popular holiday theatrical offerings.  The image below is TheatreWorld’s Victorian Street with Snowdust – B, a stunning and exquisitely detailed Signature Series backdrop.

Victorian Street With Snowdust B Professional Scenic Backdrop

In addition to the traditional holiday shows, TheatreWorld has designed a collection to support Music Theatre International’s pending release of ELF: THE MUSICAL.  These stylized and cheerful backdrops can also support many other upbeat Christmas shows and events.  Our new Santaland backdrop, highlighted below, has been selected by Santa Jonathan for his annual California Christmas show and concert; we are very proud to be small part of this well known event.

Santaland Professional Scenic Backdrop for Elf: the Musical

Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID was significantly enhanced by our team adding 7 new top quality backdrops to our Little Mermaid collection, several of which are TheatreWorld’s Signature Series Backdrops and the detail is amazing.  Highlighted below is Ursula’s Lair. It doesn’t get much more terrifying than this!  The Little Mermaid backdrops are ready for your fall shows; let our team assist you in presenting the highest quality production possible.

Ursula's Lair Professional Scenic Little Mermaid Backdrop

BIG NEWS!! SHREK: THE MUSICAL is coming to TheatreWorld “Big Time!”  Our design teams have completed their work and 6 new designs for Shrek and are now in the hands of our master painters.  Releasing in October, TheatreWorld’s Shrek collection will be the most full-featured in the industry and support you presenting this most popular musical in a variety of styles.  The hand-sketch below is a draft of TheatreWorld’s New Design for the Dragon’s Lair; the resulting backdrop will be a Signature Series backdrop with outstanding detail and audience eye-candy.

Dragons Lair Shrek Professional Scenic Backdrop Concept Sketch

TheatreWorld's Shrek Professional Scenic Backdrops Coming Soon

TheatreWorld’s new collection of Headers and Legs are now available for the majority of our forest and jungle scenic backdrops, providing directors the widest selection of majestic and dramatic woods and jungle scenery to support any presentation of Disney’s TARZAN: THE MUSICAL or any stage event that requires impeccable woods or jungle settings to visually deliver the theme or message to the audience.

TheatreWorld’s backdrop collections for GREASE, FOOTLOOSE, and HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL all received new Signature Series backdrops during the summer; please take time to visit those show titles.

High School Gymnasium Professional Scenic Backdrops

And last, but far from least, we have added many new backdrops to our Dance, Ballet, and Event categories during the summer for fall productions.  TheatreWorld’s Four Seasons Terrace is very unique and capsulizes all four seasons in one masterpiece of art work.  This backdrop has become an instant success!  Additionally, the sketch below of our Hollywood Red Carpet is currently in production and will be available for fall special events.

Hollywood Red Carpet Professional Scenic Backdrop Concept Sketch

Please contact our customer services teams as early as possible to schedule your backdrops packages for all your fall shows and events to insure your primary selections.