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TheatreWorld Backdrops Announces New Backdrop Sizes, Header and Leg Packages

TheatreWorld Backdrops Announces New Backdrop Sizes, Header and Leg Packages

In response to requests from many of our large venue clients, TheatreWorld has just released to rental inventories much larger scenic backdrops for the majority of our popular Forest and Woods scenes. These new, larger drops measure 48′ by 20′. This is a 33% increase in square feet when compared to our standard 40′ by 18′. (TheatreWorld’s most popular size.) The image detail is precise and expertly executed, as with all of our Signature Series backdrops.

Into The Woods Professional Scenic Backdrop

Introducing New Header and Leg Packages

At the same time, we are releasing Header/Teaser and Leg packages. These new packages are designed to work with both our 40′ by 18′ and the new 48′ by 20′ forest and woods scenic backdrops. The package will allow the Directors to create stage/image depth in a variety of resulting configurations and widths. Our team developed the Header and Leg packages to expand the flexibility and enhance the audience perspective of our widely requested Forest and Woods backdrops.

Into The Woods Professional Scenic Header/Teaser

For show package discounting purposes, we consider a combination package of Header and Legs. (Also available independently.) Therefore, if a client rents a Forest Scenic backdrop and a supporting Header and Leg package, they have created a show package and they are eligible for a two (2) backdrop discount.

Into The Woods Professional Scenic Legs

TheatreWorld Welcomes New 40′ by 20′ Backdrops

In addition to the above, TheatreWorld is producing 48′ by 20′ versions of selected backdrops from our most popular show collections. We decided to produce this new size after conversations with our repeat client base. Initially, and ready for fall shows, will be our popular Vintage Time Square, 5 backdrops from our collection to support THE WIZARD OF OZ, and 4 backdrops from the BEAUTY AND THE BEAST collection. More will become available through the fall in response to and based on clients’ inquiries. If you would like the larger sizes, please order early. Initial production quantities are limited. We’ve put coming soon images on our website to inform you about upcoming backdrops. We have already scheduled several orders for these new, larger offerings.

Vintage Times Square Professional Scenic Backdrop

We appreciate and respond to your feedback. TheatreWorld Backdrops works diligently to be your show, event, and recital visual support package provider of choice!

Our customer services team looks forward to assisting you this fall.