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New 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s Diner and High School Backdrops Now Releasing!

New 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s Diner and High School Backdrops Now Releasing!

Just in time for the Summer Dance and Event season, TheatreWorld Backdrops is releasing many new Signature Series backdrops that will provide just the right imagery for many of the most popular 1950’s – 1970’s stage shows and event themes. Our Creative Team has enjoyed taking some time to focus on classic Americana and drew its inspiration from the years when life was a bit simpler, Rock and Roll was taking a strong hold on our nation’s culture, and a car seat and a soda fountain were all that you needed on a Friday night. While the scripts for shows like GREASE, FOOTLOOSE, and HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL were in the front of our minds during the design period, we wanted to deliver backdrops that combined accurate details and finite nuances to properly set the mood, along with best in the industry artwork.

Classic American Diners

Classie Chassies 1950s Diner Exterior Professional Scenic Backdrop

What speaks more to classic Americana than a traditional Railroad-style Diner? We couldn’t think of anything, so diners are where we started with our new additions. Welcome to Classie Chassies, where you can eat inside or have your burgers and pops delivered by attractive ladies on skates.

Classie Chassies 1960s Diner Exterior Professional Scenic Backdrop

Our team came up with two designs so that your next production or event will have a historically-accurate feel. If you are looking for GREASE backdrops, we recommend the Classie Chassies 1950’s Diner Exterior, complete with classic hot rods from the 40’s and 50’s parked out front. If you are looking to set scenes for FOOTLOOSE or a 60’s and 70’s era event, we have a backdrop design that switches out the classics-rides with a few muscle cars straight from the 1960’s. In either case, you will be providing your audiences with imagery that screams “U.S.A.” in a highly detailed, hand painted, magnificently executed way. We kept the colors vibrant and true to the era to provide you with backdrops that dazzle without being overbearing.

Classie Chassies Diner Interior Professional Scenic Backdrop

Once you’ve made your way through the door, we would like to invite you to take a seat at our classically-styled diner counter. Order what you like off the menu, complete with everyone’s favorite diner fare, and then put a nickel in the jukebox to cue your favorite song. While many popular scripts can be brought to life with a highly detailed diner, this backdrop has already received a good amount of interest from many of our event planning clients who are looking to set the tone for summer events. Can anyone say “sock hop”?

School Exteriors and Interiors

School Exterior Professional Scenic Backdrop

It certainly would be tough to put on many of the classic Americana-themed shows out there without the help of a high school setting. So many critical scenes take place at schools that we couldn’t satisfy ourselves with just a single addition to our backdrop rental inventory. Danny and Sandy’s reunion just wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t bump in to each other on their way into school on their first day. Likewise, Ren needs to be inside of the school when he explains to Willard that Rock and Roll helps you get over the frustrations of a day by belting out “I Can’t Stand Still” right in front of their lockers. TheatreWorld’s newly released School Exterior and High School Hallway will help you set those scenes beautifully and artistically.

High School Hallway Professional Scenic Backdrop

To ensure that we have everything that you need to set your school scenes for any era, our team also produce an All-American High School Gymnasium backdrop ready for a school dance or entertainment event. We are very pleased to be able to release these new additions to our Signature Series collection just in time for your upcoming shows and events. Beefing up our Americana inventory for these popular show themes was a big push for our team and we are very proud of the final product that we are able to offer our clients.

High School Gymnasium Professional Scenic Backdrop

More developments releasing soon!