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Hollywood’s New Take on The Wizard of Oz Makes its Mark on the Story Line

Hollywood’s New Take on The Wizard of Oz Makes its Mark on the Story Line

Ever since the novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was published in 1900, countless movies, plays, musicals, and events inspired by the mythical Land of Oz have followed. The classic story appeals to audiences of all ages. (Everyone has a place in their heart for fantasy.) Recently, Hollywood released yet another addition to the world of Oz, Oz The Great and Powerful. The film has been quite popular. (The film grossed over $200 million in sales at international box offices its first week!)

We expect this latest iteration will have an effect on Oz themed events and productions worldwide. The move is a prequel. It uses computer animation to portrays a myriad of modern interpretations of the land of Oz. Fortunately, even if you don’t have a multi-million dollar budgets, you can rely on TheatreWorld to get the job done! Our WIZARD OF OZ backdrops provide first-class artistry you’re sure to love.

Kansas Backdrops

Whatever your interpretation, THE WIZARD OF OZ includes dozens of settings that require unique imagery. Both the classic tale and the current film begin right here in the real world: Kansas, to be exact. Set this scene with a backdrop that depicts rural Americana. (We generally recommend our Prairie Farm backdrop.) This drop is available in both color and black and white and is a great way to show Dorothy’s humble beginning.

Black and White Prairie Farm Professional Scenic Backdrop


Dorothy gets her first real impression of Oz when she first enters Munchkinland. It is here that she meet the unique inhabitants of Oz and learns about the infamous Yellow Brick Road. This bit of imagery appears in nearly every WIZARD OF OZ production or event. Our backdrop rental inventory features two drops that set the scene for Munchkinland. (See the second option here.) Both drops feature vibrant colors and unique architecture. Due to its overall Oz feel, it can be used for multiple scenes, in the event that your production needs to utilize a smaller number of backdrops.

Munchkinland Professional Scenic Wizard of Oz Backdrop

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Next, the characters set out on the Yellow Brick road. This aspect of the original story makes its way into every reproduction. Even the current hit movie includes a modern take on the sparkling pathway to the Emerald City. Nearly all of the clients that we speak to about THE WIZARD OF OZ take great interest in our Yellow Brick Road backdrop. We call it the Road to Oz. It features the Yellow Brick Road winding through the countryside, with the Emerald City in the background.

The Road to Oz Professional Scenic Backdrop

The Emerald City

Once your production reaches the Emerald City, visually stunning scenery becomes a must. The original film used scenery that was very forward thinking for 1939. The current film takes advantage of CGI to create a breathtaking city centered around a palace of jewels. The Emerald City, of course, is home to the Great Wizard, whose rise to power is depicted in Oz the Great and Powerful. he Emerald City is second only to the Yellow Brick Road when it comes to audiences’ associations with THE WIZARD OF OZ. Our Emerald City backdrop is hands down one of our most-utilized pieces of THE WIZARD OF OZ imagery. The detail and colorization undeniably capture the Emerald City and the overall Wizard of Oz theme.

Emerald City Great Hall Professional Scenic Wizard of Oz Backdrop

The release of yet another take on THE WIZARD OF OZ is very exciting. Disney is a master of fantasy and storytelling. The new film is a great addition to the WIZARD OF OZ catalog and will surely make its mark on everything Oz for years to come.