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TheatreWorld Ringing In The New Year With Significant Enhancements To Our BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Collection Of Scenic Backdrops

TheatreWorld Ringing In The New Year With Significant Enhancements To Our BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Collection Of Scenic Backdrops

TheatreWorld Backdrops is pleased to ring in the new year by helping our customers produce Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST celebrate in style!

New Beauty and the Beast Designs Coming Soon!

We will be adding six new designs to our BEAUTY AND THE BEAST collection of scenic theatrical backdrops during the first quarter of 2013.The Baroque Dining Room (releasing on New Year’s Day) is very elegant, detailed, and just a magnificent piece of art and the “Be Our Guest” Celebration Curtain (releasing January 15) is the perfect dynamic, robust, and colorful backdrop solution for B&TB’s signature production number. TheatreWorld Professional Beauty and the Beast Backdrop, Baroque Dining Room

TheatreWorld Professional Beauty and the Beast Backdrop Concept Art, BE OUR GUEST CELEBRATION CURTAIN

Shortly thereafter, we will release our new Belle’s Town Square – again very “Disneyesque”. Next up is Gaston’s Hunting Lodge, which will be somewhat more adult and realistic. This drop is a visual treat, inspired by both Disney and by old European architecture. Last but not least will be Belle’s Cottage. Many of these new drops will be highlighted on TheatreWorld’s Latest Backdrops Page.

Finally, our newly-released Baroque Dining Room may very well be TheatreWorld’s most elegant backdrop. It is an artistic masterpiece. This highly detailed drop depicts a Baroque-period dining room and highlights its architectural splendor. Because of complexity and detail,  this drop will only be available in 40′ x 18′.

About Our Signature Series and the Beauty and the Beast Collection

TheatreWorld’s backdrop collection for BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is designed to assist directors with this incredible beloved show. We offer multiple imagery styles and varying levels of complexity. TheatreWorld drew inspiration for many of our new Signature Series backdrops from Disney’s live stage production and its sets. Our creative teams enhanced the designs with some visual twists. Some of these drops can also support a sightly more adult, elegant, or darker presentation.

TheatreWorld’s B&TB collection has been very popular with our clients. We are confident these new releases will continue this trend. We encourage customers to place their orders as early as possible to ensure they receive their first choice drops. Many of these Broadway-Class backdrops will be available in either 40′ by 18′, or 25′ by 15′ sizes, making the imagery packages available to theatres of all sizes.


Our client services teams stand ready to assist you configure just the right imagery package for your presentation of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Please call, chat online, or email us with your production requirements.

TheatreWorld thanks all our customers for their faith and support during 2012. We wish you a prosperous New Year!