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Winding Down The Summer and Preparing For The 2012-2013 Season

Winding Down The Summer and Preparing For The 2012-2013 Season

TheatreWorld’s Holiday Backdrop purchase special is coming to a close. Only a few production slots remain and September 15th is rapidly approaching. Click Here for details!

It has been a very busy summer for all of us here at TheatreWorld Backdrops. As school productions and special events begin to pick up steam again with September right around the corner, our production teams have been working overtime to offer the finest choices for our customers.

We experienced so much inventory growth over the past three months. With so many moving parts, we thought our customers might appreciate an update on a number of projects.

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Backdrop Series Complete

First, with the arrival of the final 4 Signature Series backdrops earlier this month, TheatreWorld’s PHANTOM OF THE OPERA series is now complete. Our PHANTOM series consists of 12 very unique, scenic designs. Furthermore, most of these drops are available in multiple sizes. Several organizations already ordered the Desert Encampment, Battle of Hannibal and Baroque Cathedral Interior, based on the sketches provided in a previous post. Full PHANTOM Show packages have already been scheduled out as far as next summer. The Baroque Abbey actually debuted in the Midwest in a presentation of THE SOUND OF MUSIC to much audience acclaim.

American Town Square Backdrop

Additionally, TheatreWorld designed our re-envisioned American Town Square to provide an enhanced dramatic view of a small USA city. The drop debuted and received significant audience enthusiasm at a recent presentation of Music Man with Stages Productions’ Family Theatre in Florida.

Grand Ballroom Backdrop

TheatreWorld’s long anticipated Grand Ballroom is now available! This distinct and unique design drew inspiration from several sources. ((ncluding the gorgeous scenery developed for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s newest presentation of THE SOUND OF MUSIC in the UK and, also, Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST animated movie.) Our artists have designed and produced a true masterpiece. Grand Ballroom will enhance the imagery of any presentation calling for an impressive scenic ballroom.

LES MISERABLES Alternate Town Square and Barricade Backdrops

Installment two of TheatreWorld’s Old World Town Square and LES MISERABLES Barricade backdrops are currently being painted. We planned these new drops in a more historical, traditional style. They will be available by October.

Castles, Mansions, and Other Elegant Settings

Several additional, detailed enhanced Signature Series backdrops are also currently in production. Two are inspired by the Oheka Castle/Mansion located on Long Island New York’s Gold Coast. (The smash hit television show “Royal Pains” featured this estate.) Both backdrops will be “through the roof”. They’re perfect for any show requiring an elegant setting.

Two completely new Signature Series originals are in production, too: Grand Library and Baroque Dining Room. (Baroque Dining Room continues our immensely popular Baroque period series.) Both backdrops will be exquisite and will support shows from Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST to THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE.

Emerald City Re-Imagination

Finally, TheatreWorld’s re-imagined Emerald City Interior is in its final design stages and will be in production very shortly. Our team drew its inspiration from the magical history of this classic. (Including Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new UK production of THE WIZARD OF OZ.) We have fielded many questions about this design. However, TheatreWorld has decided not to make sketches available at this time. We will release the actual final image in less than thirty days. You can rent this backdrop starting in the fall. Additionally, we recently added a second new OZ backdrop, our new Emerald City Great Hall, to the site.

New, Fully-Customizable, Discount Backdrop Packages

In other news, TheatreWorld recently made a major announcement. Per our News Release, we are expanding our multiple backdrops Show Package offerings. Starting immediately, each client can custom build their personal show package to meet their team’s specific vision. All TheatreWorld backdrops are eligible. You may now mix and match all backdrops to fit your needs. (Including select multiple backdrop sizes.)

Our customer support teams look forward to working with you to achieve perfect presentations this 2012-2013 season!