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We’re in the midst of the summer months here at TheatreWorld Backdrops. Producers and directors are planning their fall and spring seasons. So far, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and LES MISERABLES have easily been generating the most client inquiries.

Our customer services teams are receiving many calls and emails from directors planning to present PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and LES MISERABLES this season. Many PHANTOM directors, though, have been waiting and watching to see just how TheatreWorld was going to address the “Hannibal” scene. We have shared our thoughts with them. Our Directors’ Round Table has been debating the pros and cons of four unique approaches. Now the results!

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – Scenic Backdrop Show Package Enhancements.

We are pleased to announce that TheatreWorld has approved two original backdrop designs specifically for the Hannibal scene in PHANTOM. They will be available for customer rental in time to support the fall season.Professional Scenic Backdrop Desert Encampment Concept Sketch, Phantom of the Opera

Design one is TheatreWorld’s Desert Encampment. We drew inspiration from the original runs of PHANTOM in London and on Broadway. We added statues inspired by the longest running presentation of PHANTOM in Las Vegas. Then, we threw in a touch of TheatreWorld’s style, period detail, and colorful presentation. All together, this makes TheatreWorld’s new Signature Series Desert Encampment backdrop very special. Desert Encampment is ready to support your presentation of PHANTOM. (Or any other show requiring a dynamic desert scene.)Professional Scenic Backdrop Battle of Hannibal Concept Sketch, Phantom of the Opera

Design two is TheatreWorld’s Battle Of Hannibal backdrop. This very original design is in response to talks with several high school and college directors over the past few months. about PHANTOM’s Hannibal scene. They report they are wrestling with small budgets and dreams of big style. We would like to thank you all for your input. The time you spent with us really helped us develop these magnificent masterpieces.

In addition to the two very specific signature backdrops highlighted above, we will soon release TheatreWorld’s new Baroque Abbey in 25′ by 15′.  This drop will debut in the Midwest. Similarly, TheatreWorld’s new Medieval Cathedral in 40′ by 18′ is debuting at a themed event on the East Coast. Both of these Signature Series backdrops will also be available in our PHANTOM rental package this fall. Professional Scenic Backdrop Concept Sketch, Baroque Abbey

Professional Medieval Cathedral Scenic Backdrop Concept Sketch

LES MISERABLES – Scenic Backdrop Show Package Enhancements.

Additionally, TheatreWorld released two Signature Series Backdrops to support LES MISERABLES this spring. These were our Old World Cottage Interior and Old World Tavern Interior. We painted both backdrops very traditionally. They feature great detail and period realism. The Old World Town Square – B and Les Miserable Barricade – B were painted in the style of the current LES MISERABLES 25th Anniversary touring production. The tour’s aesthetic was actually inspired by Victor Hugo’s paintings. Furthermore, two New Signature Series Backdrops are in production.Old Town Square – A and Les Miserables Barricade – A will be here in time to support the fall season! Again, these drops will be very detailed and realistic.Old World Town Square Professional Scenic Backdrop, Les MiserablesVintage American Battlefield - B Professional Scenic Backdrop, Les Miserables Barricade

The enhanced LES MISERABLES backdrop packages will allow directors to present this mega hit their way. Whether you choose a minimalist version, traditional version, modern version–or a combination–we have the drops to make it happen.

TheatreWorld will be offering LES MISERABLES Backdrop Rental Packages for the fall season.

Like Summer, TheatreWorld’s release schedule continues to “heat up”! Please call, email, or chat on-line with our customer services teams to get answers to any of your questions in support of your fall planning.