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Alice In Wonderland Expansion

TheatreWorld’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND Signature Series Continues To Expand Due To Demand

TheatreWorld’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND collection is one of our most popular collections. These drops are great for stage productions, themed parties, and other special events. The collection supports multiple style presentations of the mega-hit classic. Drops range from the style the original stage production, which was styled after Lewis Carroll’s novel, to more cartoon-like, in the style of Disney’s animated classic. Furthermore, we have drops that match the aesthetic of the 2010 Tim Burton movie version.

Our ALICE IN WONDERLAND scenic backdrops were designed to support Music Theatre International’s Jr. and Kids versions of this entertaining classic. All of our designs are original. Many are also Signature Series backdrops. Newest additions include Wonderland Gate, Mushroom Forest, Enchanted Mushroom Path, Child’s Wonderland and Whimsical Forest.

Wonderland Gate Professional Scenic Backdrop

Generally, we see directors take one of two directions when selecting ALICE backdrops. The first category is directors producing the children’s version. Usually, these groups select a single scenic backdrop to support the entire production. In contrast, other directors choose full-blown versions of the show (often for adult audiences). These directors typically select six or more backdrops.

Mushroom Forest Professional Scenic Backdrop, Alice in Wonderland

Similarly, dance companies, event coordinators, and party planners from New York to Las Vegas select our ALICE IN WONDERLAND collection more frequently than any of our other themed backdrops.

Child's Wonderland Professional Scenic Backdrop

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TheatreWorld’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND collection is very versatile. Our drops can support smaller, youth-oriented productions or full-scale productions geared towards adult audiences. Interpret this timeless show in a lighthearted manner. Or, choose the “dark-side”, in the style of Tim Burton‘s recent screen adaptation. Whatever your vision, our drops will complement your interpretation beautifully.

Our ALICE IN WONDERLAND collection will support your vision and budget with dynamic, colorful, detailed imagery. Furthermore, we guarantee you will receive the highest production value. Ask us about Special Package Pricing for events using multiple backdrop events and/or long-running performances.

Our customer service teams look forward to assisting you and your team with your ALICE IN WONDERLAND-themed production or event!