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New Backdrops Now Releasing For LEGALLY BLONDE, IN THE HEIGHTS & More!

New Backdrops Now Releasing For LEGALLY BLONDE, IN THE HEIGHTS & More!

The Artistic Team at TheatreWorld Backdrops has been hard at work! We are pleased to unveil updates to the imagery selections for some of the most popular shows out there. Additionally, we have a number of new event and stage backdrops, ready to support a variety of shows. From LEGALLY BLONDE to WEST SIDE STORY, IN THE HEIGHTS, and even ANNIE GET YOUR GUN, our new drops are dripping with detail – and fresh paint. We can’t wait for you to take a look!

Visit the Old World with Tavern and Cabin Interiors

Need fresh imagery for an indoor scene? We have three fresh drops ready and waiting for your shows. If you need something that sets the scene for the Wild West, or even Europe in centuries past, then you should check out Old World Tavern Interior B – Log Style, and Old World Cottage Interior B – Log Style. Both transport your stage or venue to years gone by. Times when all you needed for sanctuary was a trusted lumberjack and a good amount of elbow grease. Complete with relics that provide an antiqued feel and plenty of fine detail, these backdrops give you interior scenery options for a variety of shows.

Old World Tavern Interior B Professional Scenic Backdrop

TheatreWorld's Old World Cottage Interior B Professional Scenic Backdrop

Take a Trip to the Beauty Parlor

In need of something a bit more contemporary? Looking for LEGALLY BLONDE backdrops?  Then our brand new Beauty Parlor Interior backdrop is a must see. The vibrant colors used allow you to easily set an upbeat tone. Shelves full of hair products and mirrors on the wall set the scene. Your cast will look ready to perform a quick trim, or even a full-on makeover! Just add a few basic set pieces and your stage scenery needs can be checked off of your list.

TheatreWorld's Beauty Parlor Interior Professional Scenic Backdrop

Welcome to Washington Heights

Not every scene or party theme needs an interior. Sometimes, you just need to be outside. Our Artistic Team has designed brand new backdrops for a show that is taking stages nationwide by storm, IN THE HEIGHTS. When IN THE HEIGHTS arrived on Broadway, it was met with widespread acclaim and earned a handful of Tonys. Now that the rights are available, this contemporary musical is making its way into theaters big and small. (Give Rodgers and Hammerstein a visit for the rights to the show.) Our newly released In The Heights backdrop is right up your alley – or barrio, as it may be – if you are looking to put on this production. With modern urban buildings, a touch of neighborhood graffiti, and a distant George Washington Bridge, this drop screams “I Love New York!”.

We designed this backdrops with IN THE HEIGHTS in mind. However, it’s also a perfect fit for WEST SIDE STORY and LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, and can easily fit into HAIRSPRAY or a variety of themed events.

In The Heights Professional Scenic Backdrop New York's Washington Heights Neighborhood

We love being able to share new backdrop designs with you. Our team of scenic artists puts their heart and soul into designing and painting backdrops that provide the highest level of artistry and detail. Check back with us soon, as we will have another round of scenery updates for your favorite shows and themes.