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Holiday and Fall Show Planning Is In Full Swing, Are You Ready?

Holiday and Fall Show Planning Is In Full Swing, Are You Ready?

In order to make sure that we are ready to assist you in providing your audiences with the best scenic stage backdrops, our team begins planning updates to TheatreWorld’s holiday inventory well before summer. A while back, we released multiple new backdrops featuring winter and holiday themes. Much of what we added during phase one was inspired by realistic wintertime metropolitan and rural landscapes. We just can’t let a production schedule pass us by without adding in something a little whimsical. Today, we are pleased to give you a “sneak peak” at a few of our winter backdrops. These drops are perfect for holiday shows, events, and recitals and will appeal to anyone’s inner child.

Elf: The Musical

Speaking of productions that appeal to your inner child, we are patiently (kind of patiently at least) awaiting the release of the rights to Elf: the Musical from Music Theater International. In expectation of this long-anticipated script becoming available, our Creative Team has been working overtime to develop several very special drops. We developed these drops with Elf in mind. However, they have more than enough detail, colorization, and holiday cheer to find a home in a broad range of events or theatrical productions.

Santa’s Village

Every child who dreams of visiting the North Pole has visions of Santa’s Village dancing in their mind. Pictured below, this holiday backdrop is still in its planning and production stages. As you can see in the sketch, this drop conveys a lighthearted and festive mood. TheatreWorld’s artists have taken the time to add personality and Christmas Cheer to each individual building. The fantasy bakery is complete with a baker’s hat, Santa’s mailbox is outside of his front door and waiting for your letters and cards, and the toy factory is full and has its very own loading dock for reindeer to pick up their loads. We suspect this cheerful holiday drop may get a couple of more tweaks still. However, we are very pleased with the direction that it is going.

Santa's Village Professional Scenic Backdrop Concept Sketch


Most of us don’t actually get to make it to the North Pole, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t get a chance to visit Santa. This backdrop gives Saint Nick a place to call home, no matter where your production may be. Once finished, it will be complete with: shiny ornaments, festive Christmas trees, handmade toys, and, of course, a place for Santa’s chair. This drop will have a “real world” feel, but the vibrant colors and holiday cheer keep things magical.

Santaland Professional Scenic Holiday Backdrop Concept Sketch

We hope that you are as excited about the upcoming additions to our holiday backdrop inventory as we are. These are just a couple of additions that will be ready for your holiday events and productions for 2013. Happily, they will be ready well in advance of your show and event dates. If you are in fact already thinking about your holiday productions, take a moment to browse our winter and holiday backdrops category to get a full view of our significantly enhanced inventory.

If you know which productions and events you are planning, beat the rush! Ensure that your drops are available by contacting our Customer Service team today. We would be happy to discuss your needs and find ways that TheatreWorld’s magnificent backdrops can provide the imagery that you have in mind to take this holiday’s production to new heights!