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Custom Design Backdrops Services

Custom Design Backdrops Services: Not Just For Corporate Customers And Event Planners Anymore

Traditionally, when producers, directors and scenic designers consider a custom designed backdrop for their productions,  reality sets in very quickly.

“There’s no way we can afford this.” Or “We’re not a high dollar customer.” Or “Custom backdrops are reserved for corporate events, not local theatres.”

Regardless, we receive weekly calls from theatre folks seeking what they believe to be the impossible. The general sentiment from the majority of the callers at the end of the conversation with one of TheatreWorld’s team members shifts from “impossible” to “quite possible.”

Not to steal any thunder from Don Quixote, however, with TheatreWorld commissioning new backdrops weekly with fresh, visually-stunning designs for recently released popular shows as well as musical standards, we are constantly striving to push the envelope… always seeking highly original, unique concepts unavailable anywhere else, yet accepted by theatre audiences as lush, awe-inspiring and extraordinarily relevant to storytelling.

Phantom of the Opera Professional Scenic Backdrosp Just Released!

To that end, we have been very surprised with the quantity and level of detail in calls we receive about our custom design services. Directors are desiring some input into the creation of the scenic backdrops they rent. Furthermore, we are receiving many compliments on our new designs. (Thank you!)

Thanks to input from not only our diverse advisory team of theatrical directors as well as many customers, we have completed and released to our rental inventories our first installment of several individual scenic backdrops for our new Signature Series of Broadway’s biggest and most popular musicals. TheatreWorld’s Signature Series of scenic, rentable backdrops are now being delivered to clients throughout North America.


Phase I of five backdrops in an entire suite of 10-15 planned unique backdrops is just about done and rental scheduling has begun. TheatreWorld’s unique PHANTOM OF THE OPERA show curtain main drape is in final production and the stunning Paris Opera House Grand Foyer backdrop for the Masquerade scene is directly behind that. We will highlight PHANTOM Series’ Grand Foyer backdrop on our web site when it is available in the coming weeks, but for the latest up-to-date information, images and promotions, check out and ‘like’ TheatreWorld Backdrops on Facebook.

Phantom of the Opera’s Battle of Hannibal scene backdrop will be the final installment in Phase I of TheatreWorld’s PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Signature Series. We had several conversations with directors on each themed scenic backdrop in the series and want to thank them for their ideas and time. Many of their ideas are evident in these amazing backdrops.


Our OZ offerings are also getting a facelift and being upgraded to a Signature Series. We have been working with a director in Canada to put a little more “pop” and “wow” in our WIZARD OF OZ backdrops. First, we are enhancing our Haunted Forest backdrop with additional details, highlights and contrasts. Second, we have completely re-designed a second version of Munchkinland and taken a few positive risks with the addition of vibrant colors and details with much more inspiration from the Judy Garland movie version. Third, we have completely re-designed Dorothy’s farm, much more artistic, improved color, vibrancy and quite realistic. The Farm from our Signature Series will also be recommended for productions of Rogers and Hammerstein’s OKLAHOMA.

Munchkinland Professional Scenic Backdrop, Wizard of Oz Concept SketchDorothy's Farm Professional Scenic Backdrop Concept Sketch, Wizard of OzCheck back here next week when we continue to unveil the newest designs in our new Signature Series including sneak peeks at LES MISERABLES, CAMELOT, ALADDIN and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.