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Hottest Spring 2012 Theatre and Event Backdrops

Hottest Spring 2012 Theatre and Event Backdrops

Since our inception, TheatreWorld’s core mission has centered around not only offering the finest Broadway-quality backdrops at the most reasonable cost, but also providing our customers with the highest quality of customer service and support to ensure that their production values are the best possible. Toward that end, we would like to sincerely thank the overwhelming number of theatres, schools and event planners who have contacted us over the past few months to assist them with their spring shows and events.

We don’t believe in merely serving customers. We believe in building ongoing relationships. While it would be impossible to feature all of our customers, we feel it is our responsibility to highlight several of our customers’ upcoming spring productions and events in an effort to bring more attention and well-deserved recognition for a job well done. Therefore, over the next few months, we will be featuring some of those customers here on the TheatreWorld blog.

Based on our internal tracking, the most popular shows and scenic backdrops for the spring season are:


One of Broadway’s greatest and most popular musical comedies, this Frank Loesser classic is a favorite among professional theatre companies and performing arts schools alike. TheatreWorld is pleased to be supporting a number groups and organizations presenting this musical hit, spanning both the full version with two or three scenic backdrops and the junior version featuring mainly one scenic backdrop, our Vintage Times Square backdrop. See our entire GUYS AND DOLLS backdrop collection on our website.

Vintage Times Square Professional Scenic Backdrop

TheatreWorld’s Vintage Time Square is a popular choice for the musical GUYS AND DOLLS and event planners looking for a stylized, vintage New York scenic skyline.










The beloved Frank L. Baum classic depicting Dorothy’s journey through Oz, is a widespread production favorite. TheatreWorld Backdrops is supporting a number of productions of this epic show featuring three to five scenic backdrops. One of our most possible WIZARD OF OZ backdrops is our stylized HAUNTED FOREST backdrop featured below.

Haunted Forest Professional Scenic Backdrop, Wizard of Oz

TheatreWorld’s HAUNTED FOREST is a popular choice among directors, producers, and event planners for THE WIZARD OF OZ, THE WIZ, and other themed, fantasy events.










This classic has been a childhood favorite for generations and recently enjoyed a resurgence with the 2010 Disney and Tim Burton film adaptation starring Johnny Depp. TheatreWorld is supporting presentations featuring between one and five scenic backdrops. Several of our special event planner customers have also selected ALICE IN WONDERLAND as the theme for their corporate events. Highlighted below is our Enchanted Mushroom Path backdrop from our signature ALICE IN WONDERLAND series backdrops.

Enchanted Mushroom Path Professional Scenic Backdrop, Alice in Wonderland

TheatreWorld’s Enchanted Mushroom Path is a popular choice of directors, producers, and event planners for ALICE IN WONDERLAND and other themed fantasy events.










This Stephen Sondheim musical thriller also received a resurgence in popularity thanks to another Tim Burton and Johnny Depp collaboration with the 2007 film adaptation. TheatreWorld is, again, supporting multiple versions of this dynamic show. Highlighted below is our Vintage London Skyline backdrop from our Sweeney Todd backdrop collection.

Vintage London Skyline Professional Scenic Backdrop

TheatreWorld’s Vintage London Skyline is our most popular scenic backdrop to support SWEENEY TODD, JEKYLL & HYDE and OLIVER.










The Frank Wildhorn and Leslie Bricusse adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic novella, this gothic musical mega hit is a production favorite year after year. JEKYLL & HYDE is available in multiple versions including both the Broadway and national tour scripts as well as the junior version for schools and younger audiences. Highlighted below is a selection from TheatreWorld’s JEKYLL & HYDE backdrop collection, the Victorian Street With Snowdust backdrop.

Victorian Street with Snowdust Professional Scenic Backdrop

TheatreWorld Backdrops’ Victorian Street with Snow Dust scenic drop is often selected to support productions of SWEENEY TODD, JEKYLL & HYDE, and OLIVER. Last year, it was one of our most popular holiday scenic backdrops selected by theaters and dance companies for productions of A CHRISTMAS CAROL and THE NUTCRACKER.











The light-hearted western romp of Annie Oakley. This show is, in fact, a show in a show and for all generations available in the classic version that starred Ethel Merman or the 1999 Peter Stone/Broadway revival version that starred Bernadette Peters and later Cheryl Ladd and Reba McEntire. Highlighted below is our Buffalo Bill Presents (Day) backdrop; a nighttime version is also available. See both on our ANNIE GET YOUR GUN show page.

Buffalo Bill Presents (Day) Professional Scenic Backdrop, Annie Get Your Gun

TheatreWorld’s Buffalo Bill Presents is the primary scenic backdrop selected by theaters and schools performing ANNIE GET YOUR GUN. This drop was inspired by the 1999 Broadway revival and intended to serve as either a stand-alone drop or as part of an entire scenic backdrop series.











The stage adaptation from the classic Disney animated film. Again, there are multiple versions of this most popular production and themed scenic backdrops from this show are favorites of many event and meeting planners as well as theatrical production teams. Check out our entire collection of ALADDIN backdrops. Highlighted below is one of our new masterpiece designs, our PALACE IN THE MOUNTAINS backdrop.

Professional Scenic Backdrop Palace in the Mountains

TheatreWorld’s Agrabah Palace is a very detailed, fantasy scenic backdrop designed to support multiple theatrical productions and is a favorite of our special event planners.









Our most popular backdrop for the spring is, by far, our Vintage Times Square backdrop. This stylized scenic backdrop was originally custom designed for the Salerno Entertainment Group’s Florida touring presentation of GUYS AND DOLLS and is featured on our website in the About Us section.

As always, we would like to sincerely thank you all for selecting TheatreWorld Backdrops. It is truly our privilege to support you and your teams’ productions and events.