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TheatreWorld Backdrops Customer Feature: Woodstock Playhouse’s A CHRISTMAS CAROL

As we’ve said before, one of the primary reasons that TheatreWorld Backdrops was created was to truly help our customers achieve production values like they’ve never experienced before. Both our ownership group and our production teams have decades of experience (both previously and currently) in the professional musical theatre and entertainment arenas as actors/singers, producers, directors, set designers and the like and we are intimately familiar with the challenges and standard choices that theatres and event producers have in the set and backdrop world. We wanted to raise the bar, offer higher quality products, the best value available and offer the finest customer service.

That is a great theoretical pursuit; however, when we see those goals and values materialize in our customers’ productions, it gives us an amazing feeling of accomplishment and drives us to do more to help, inspire and assist our customers.

Toward that end, on a regular basis, we’ll be featuring select customers whom we’ve had the pleasure to work with and help them achieve high quality, successful productions. Customers who, in their own right, have been doing outstanding work previously and whom we are privileged to help take their shows to new heights.

Victorian Street with Snowdust Professional Digitally Printed Backdrop

TheatreWorld’s “Victorian Street With Snowdust” standard 40′ x 18′ digitally-printed backdrop. This drop is also available in our 25′ x 15′ standard size or may be customized to fit your venue.









During October, TheatreWorld was contacted by Randy Conti, Executive Director, of the Pan American Dance Company, the organization responsible for resurrecting the historic Woodstock Playhouse in Woodstock, NY, to discuss possible backdrops for their scheduled production of the Charles Dickens’ classic, A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

After several conversations, Mr. Conti selected TheatreWorld’s “Victorian Street With Snowdust” in a digitally-printed format that was customized to fit Woodstock’s 36′ x 16′ performance space.

The history of the Woodstock Playhouse is both very interesting and an extraordinarily bright ray of hope in terms of overcoming adversity on the path of success in the performing arts community. We would strongly recommend that you visit the Woodstock Playhouse website, support their performances if you are local or visiting the area and/or support their development and growth efforts if you are not.

Randy, we wish you the best of success with your efforts, including the rebirth of the Woodstock Playhouse and we look forward to the opportunity to assist you in your future productions and efforts.

Woodstock Playhouse Cast with TheatreWorld Backdrops' Professional Scenic Victorian Street with Snowdust Backdrop

TheatreWorld’s “Victorian Street With Snowdust” backdrop in use at the Woodstock Playhouse and the cast of A CHRISTMAS CAROL.