TheatreWorld Announces Limited 20% Off Custom Backdrop Purchase Special

20% Off Holiday Theme, Scenic, and Custom Holiday Event Backdrops Purchases From June 1 - September 15th

Friday, May 04, 2012
TheatreWorld Announces Limited 20% Off Custom Backdrop Purchase Special TAMPA, FL - TheatreWorld Backdrops is pleased to announce a 20% off Holiday Theme, Scenic, and Custom Holiday Event Backdrops beginning in June and ending September 15th for clients who wish to purchase High-Quality Holiday Backdrops.

TheatreWorld will be including its entire collection of popular seasonal backdrop designs offered on TheatreWorld’s website in the following show themes: Christmas, Candyland, A Christmas Carol, and The Nutcracker suites of theatrical backdrops in this limited special. 

Popular sizes, 40’ by 18’ and 25’ by 15’ themed backdrops from TheatreWorld’s professional collections, identified above, are available for client selection and purchase.

TheatreWorld will also be offering Special Pricing for Holiday and Seasonal Special Events Custom Backdrop creations for clients with unique design concepts in mind. 

Custom creations can begin with you providing TheatreWorld sample images of what you have in mind, a sketch, or an explanation in writing and TheatreWorld’s design teams will develop a black and white sketch as part of the package (colorized sketches or full-color graphic images are available at an additional cost) for your approval, prior to production.  Custom Backdrops sizing may range from 25’ by 15’ to 50’ by 22’ allowing you to build the backdrop customized to your facility, as well as your vision.

Custom Professional Theatre Quality Holiday Themed Backdrops pricing starts at $5.15 per finished square foot and includes a draft and final black and white sketch, prior to production if required.

Holiday Special Backdrops will all be Hand Painted on medium-weight muslin, fully finished, top-grommets, bottom pockets, and treated with U.S.A. approved fire-resistant solutions; they will truly be professional Giant Masterpiece Works-of-Art.

TheatreWorld was very specific, that there are two limiting factors to this Special Custom Holiday Backdrop offer: Holiday/Seasonal Themes only and Production Availability – only the first fifty (50) orders only will be accepted, and scheduling considerations – no orders after September 15, 2012. 

The special will end and additional orders will not be accepted when production slots are filled or the Holiday Special end-date has been reached. 

Holiday Themed Backdrops will be delivered to clients within 90 days of production approval or by November 15th.  

For questions or for more information, please call TheatreWorld Backdrops at 1.877.901.3353.