TheatreWorld Backdrops Announces Summer 2012 Backdrop Special

Rental Package Discounts Offered On Many Popular Shows!

Sunday, April 15, 2012
TheatreWorld Backdrops Announces Summer 2012 Backdrop Special TAMPA, FL - TheatreWorld Backdrops has announced that it will offer special summer packaging and pricing for many of its new Signature Series themed and scenic backdrop collections.

The summer specials are TheatreWorld’s way of supporting Fine Arts and Theatre camps throughout the United States, many of which, according to research, will be producing Disney inspired, JR., and Kids’ versions of many of the most popular shows for younger audiences; many of these shows have also been quite successful fantasy movie releases.

TheatreWorld’s summer package multi-backdrop special will be offered for the months of June, July, August, and part of September.  Orders will begin to be accepted in May for Special Multi-Backdrop packages for productions scheduled during the summer months. There are limited quantities of the multi-backdrop Summer Packages;ordering early is recommended and no orders will be accepted where the production dates start after September 14, 2012.

TheatreWorld’s Summer Packages, as of this writing, are:

ALADDIN - Two (2) Signature Backdrop package, 40’ x 18’; the customer can select Agrabah’s Palace in the Mountains or TheatreWorld’s, currently in production, Sultan’s Palace Interior scheduled for availability, May 30, 2012.  Second drop selection is either Cloudy Crescent Moon or TheatreWorld’s new, currently in production, Desert City Market Place, also scheduled for the end of May.  Sketches of the new designs are highlighted on TheatreWorld’s Blog.

ALICE IN WONDERLAND -Three (3) Signature Backdrop Package, 40’ x 18’; the customer can select TheatreWorld’s Wonderland Gate or Child’s Wonderland, along with Mushroom Forest and Belle’s Garden.

ALICE IN WONDERLAND - Two (2) Signature Backdrop Package, 25’ x 15’;consists of TheatreWorld’s Wonderland Gate and TheatreWorld’s Enchanted Mushroom Path.

THE WIZARD OF OZ - Four (4) Signature Backdrop Package, 25’ x 15’; consists of The Wizard of Oz Show Curtain, Prairie Farm, Munchkinland, and The Haunted Forest.

GUYS AND DOLLS - Two (2) Signature Backdrop Package, 25’ x 15’; consists of TheatreWorld’s highly recognized and stylized Vintage Times Square and the New York Sewer. These are two of TheatreWorld’s most requested Backdrops.

TheatreWorld’s Creative Director, Mike Mathews, said that additional packages are being considered but no other decisions have been made at this time. 

During the interview, Mathews mentioned that he would personally be directing shows during the summer at a very well-known theatrical camp in upstate New York and he was looking forward to the experience again.  It was this directing experience last year in working with hundreds of children that, according to Mathews, inspired him to launch this summer special to enable dedicated theatre programs benefiting children to help dramatically increase their production values at a more affordable cost.

Mathews also told us that TheatreWorld will be announcing another summer month’s special in the next few weeks for clients who wish to purchase versions of TheatreWorld’s current Holiday and Christmas season backdrops or create custom backdrops for seasonal performances. TheatreWorld will begin to accept orders in June and close orders in mid-September under the soon-to-be announced Holiday Backdrop Special.