TheatreWorld Backdrops' WIZARD OF OZ Collection Receives Major Face-lift!

Already Popular Scenic Backdrop Collection Becomes Even More Stunning

Monday, April 09, 2012
TheatreWorld Backdrops' WIZARD OF OZ Collection Receives Major Face-lift! TAMPA, FL - TheatreWorld Backdrops is pleased to announce that their highly popular WIZARD OF OZ and THE WIZ collections of Broadway style themed, scenic backdrops have recently been updated with multiple new Signature Series creations. 

With their ongoing commitment to continually raise the bar for excellence in scenic backdrops, TheatreWorld creative teams have significantly updated what was already one of their most successful rental collections. 

In doing so, TheatreWorld artists have increased the drama and detail in their Signature Series Haunted Forest backdrop which was already an artistic interpretation unlike no other.  Additionally, they have designed and produced a new Prairie Farm backdrop which is very period realistic and highly detailed and more than suitable not only for Dorothy’s Kansas farm in WIZARD OF OZ, but also perfect for productions of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s OKLAHOMA.  Finally, TheatreWorld has designed a new Munchkinland backdrop which took inspiration to be more like the Judy Garland film version that is very high-energy, detailed and colorful, yet enjoyable for adult audiences.

The WIZARD OF OZ and THE WIZ collections are designed to support very simplex presentations of the shows for young audiences, through junior versions offered by TAMS-WITMARK MUSIC LIBRARY or MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL, to complex full stage productions presented in the original form or a little more on the dark side for adult audiences.

In addition to traditional musical theatre productions, TheatreWorld’s WIZARD OF OZ and THE WIZ collections are frequently selected by Event and Party Planners from coast-to-coast to support their themed, customized client presentations.  The scenic backdrop collections are currently available in two standard sizes 40’ by 18’ and 25’ by 15’ for minimally weekly rental to support theatres of all sizes, concert producers, and event planners. 

All backdrops are hand painted on muslin, dipped in approved fire-resistant solutions, fully finished, and have grommets and tie systems for ease of use.  They are truly impressive, large works of original art. 
Additionally, digital projectionable Images are available for purchase in multiple resolutions for those who need maximum portability or have access to high-end theatre projection equipment.

TheatreWorld is confident that their WIZARD OF OZ and THE WIZ collections of scenic backdrops will support their customers’ vision and budget with dynamic, colorful, and very detailed imagery that are reasonably priced.  Their customer service teams are ready to assist you and your support teams with your next production of these wonderful Musicals, Musical Concerts, or your next themed event. 

TheatreWorld provides Special Package Pricing for multiple backdrop events and/or long-running performances.

View the short video on TheatreWorld Backdrops’ YouTube page to see all of their WIZARD OF OZ themed, scenic backdrops in a single entertaining presentation.