TheatreWorld Accelerating ‘Signature Series’ of Backdrops

New Phantom, Les Miserables, Wizard of Oz and Aladdin Drops In The Works

Friday, April 06, 2012
TheatreWorld Accelerating ‘Signature Series’ of Backdrops TAMPA, FL - In a telephonic interview, TheatreWorld Backdrops’ Creative Director, Mike Mathews, confirmed that the company has accelerated the process of enhancing many of its themed, scenic backdrop inventories and building many of its new Signature Series’ theatrical backdrops for a variety of the traditional Broadway Musicals.

Additionally, TheatreWorld is releasing suites of high impact, colorful, and themed backdrops to support multiple new show provided by Tams-Witmark Music Library, the Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization and Music Theatre International, including MTI’s Junior and Kid’s versions of the classics, as well as their Disney-inspired shows for younger audiences.

What originally began with the company’s suite of backdrops specifically designed for productions of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, TheatreWorld’s Signature Series themed backdrops are a combination of unique designs, oftentimes pushing the visual envelope of traditional backdrops expectations.  Signature Series backdrops are always more detailed, highly colorful and period realistic where appropriate yet are very artistic; truly modern works of art.
TheatreWorld’s design and production teams are delighted to be creating and producing these new beautiful and dramatic theatrical and event backdrops.  All Signature Series backdrops are produced to the same quality and levels of detail as its top custom backdrop offerings and by the same teams of professionals.

TheatreWorld believes their Signature Series backdrops are definitely a step into the future and will enhance and improve production values for the communities it services: musical theatre, traditional stage productions, the entertainment industry, special event and party planners, dance companies, and corporate event clients.

Additionally, many of TheatreWorld’s Signature Series Backdrops are available in 25’ (wide) by 15’ (high) versions to support schools with smaller facilities, community theatre groups, black box facilities, and even portable truss-based lift systems for traveling ensembles, affordably, yet with maximum impact of presentation.

With their initial set of Signature Series backdrop offerings for THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, GUYS AND DOLLS and ALICE IN WONDERLAND nearing completion, the TheatreWorld artistic teams are now turning their attention to THE WIZARD OF OZ, LES MISERABLES and several additional Signature Series backdrops for their highly popular ALADDIN collection.