TheatreWorld Backdrops - Looking Ahead to 2015 Season

An update on the present workings and future endeavors of TheatreWorld Backdrops.

Monday, October 13, 2014
TheatreWorld Backdrops - Looking Ahead to 2015 Season

2015 will be a very important year here at TheatreWorld; most importantly, we would like to thank our growing client base for their confidence and compliments on our friendly service,product selection, and quality.  Top flight customer service and developing the best executed, hand painted backdrops available in the USA will continue to be our main mission.


TheatreWorld’s Backdrops’rental inventory, in a very short three years, has grown to over 700 unique backdrops and continues to build at a very rapid rate. We currently support multiple size selections to accommodate very large stage clients, traditional stage, blackbox, and cabaret-sized environments.  The vast majority of our backdrops are 2-years young or less.  Our teams personally review each and every backdrop’s condition upon return from a client.  Our backdrop maintenance procedures and repair teams keep our entire inventory in the absolute best condition possible.


Moving into the 2015 production and event seasons, we will continue to add new and exciting designs to many of our show and themed selections and strengthen our ability to provide our clients with highly flexible custom show packages.  Bring your interpretation and vision to life using TheatreWorld Backdrops’ expanding professional caliber hand painted masterpieces; we don’t force you into our vision of the show.


Our technical teams are currently enhancing TheatreWorld’s “Wish List” function on the website to assist you with Show, Event, and Image planning, along with simplifying your ordering process.  We look forward to your comments on this feature and will continue to enhance it to meet your show and event planning needs. Our goal is to create a platform that will assist you in not only generating a quote for your order, but will also act as a planning tool that will assist you in organizing your projects.


TheatreWorld’s Event and Party, Dance, and Entertainment categories are scheduled to receive many enhancements in 2015.  In TheatreWorld’s established style, we will be designing between 80 and 100 very unique, highly detailed offerings along with selections that are more traditional, to meet your expectation of a more precise, realistic, and professional end-product for your audiences.


During the past year, we have invested heavily in customer service systems and improving our client-support services.  This infrastructure investment enables Jim, Chris, Nicole, Skip,and I to continue to be your main points of contact at TheatreWorld Backdrops.  It is our privilege and pleasure to assist you in any way possible to ensure you access to TheatreWorld’s services and products, and to support your important shows and events. A friendly and efficient customer experience is a main focus for our team.


Our StudioWorld division,introduced just this summer, provides one of the most complete photo-backdrop selections in the studio backdrop industry.  We currently have 5000+ photo backdrops in stock, spanning sizes from 5’ by 7’ to 10’ by 24’, to meet virtually all photographic needs.  StudioWorld will be adding several new categories of photo-backdrops in early spring.  We are proud to say that 50% of the clients who have purchased a StudioWorld Backdrop have made repeat purchases after working with the superior product quality that our line provides. We look forward to meeting even more photography professionals and invite you to visit StudioWorld Backdrops for all of your photography backdrop needs.


Thank you all for making 2014 a busy and productive season for all of us at TheatreWorld Backdrops.  We look forward to supporting all of your Fall productions and events and those coming in 2015!    

-Michele Mathews

President, TheatreWorld Backdrops