TheatreWorld Backdrops Announces the Impending Launch of StudioWorld Backdrops

Higher caliber studio backdrops will soon be available from the TheatreWorld Backdrops family.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013
TheatreWorld Backdrops Announces the Impending Launch of StudioWorld Backdrops (Tampa, Florida) - TheatreWorld Backdrops will begin offering studio and professional photography Backdrops in the continental United States, beginning in the 4th quarter of 2013. These new products will be available via their soon-to-be launched sister company, StudioWorld Backdrops.

The birth of StudioWorld Backdrops represents a paradigm shift in the world of studio and photography backdrops.  These backdrops will be made for photographers by photographers. A discerning focus on depth and vivid reception of colors, artful detail incorporated into scenic backdrops, maximum light absorption, thickness and weight of fabric, and smooth layering of colors and paint will be evident in each and every product in StudioWorld’s inventory. The purpose of each backdrop is to provide photographers exactly what they are looking for, at the highest level of quality on the market.  StudioWorld’s mission, much like TheatreWorld’s, is to provide clients with the best possible products and designs, highest quality production standards, top flight customer service, and real added value to their photo shoots and displays. Ultimately, a portion of TheatreWorld’s theatrical designs will be produced as Signature Series studio backdrops, bringing a new level of background imagery to the photography and display communities.

StudioWorld Backdrops will carry one of, if not the largest, inventories of studio backdrop design selections available in the United States. Many backdrops will be available in as many sizes as possible to fit a multitude of background image requirements.  Selections will include: traditional solid colors, classic crush-dyed mottles, premium hand-painted mottles, reversible, traditional, and Signature Series air-brushed mottles, hand-painted abstracts, old world masters, traditional scenic backdrops, premium scenic backdrops, Signature Series scenic backdrops, and much more.  This array of product offerings will be available immediately upon the launch of the company. Over time, additional product categories will be added at the behest of the photographic community. In addition to its vast pre-designed inventory, StudioWorld Backdrops will offer custom studio backdrop production services. This will accommodate clients with unique or specialty-themed photo shoots and displays, and allow any photographer to have the exact imagery that they desire on-hand at an affordable price.

According to Skip Mathews, Director of Business Development, the StudioWorld Backdrops website will have its initial launch circa October 15, 2013. The website will serve as an online storefront, so that photographers can purchase their backdrops from anywhere in the continental Unites States. The website itself and the inventory selections will be constantly enhanced during the first six months of operation in order to better serve photographers and their needs.  Skip also stated that “The TheatreWorld family is very pleased and humbled by the acceptance that TheatreWorld has received in the theatrical, dance, and event communities. The company is confident that the photography community will be just as pleased with StudioWorld Backdrops, its world class products, and client services.” StudioWorld Backdrops will operate initially as a division of TheatreWorld Backdrops, LLC and will provide the highest quality of professional photography backdrops available anywhere in the world, at extremely affordable prices.

The image pictured in this release is TheatreWorld’s very popular Paris Opera House Grand Foyer, downsized and recreated as the first StudioWorld Signature Series Backdrop. TheatreWorld's Artisitc Team took the original Paris Opera House Grand Foyer and re-visioned it to appear as if it is an antique painting that has stood the test of time, but has experienced some weathering over the years.This was done by request for a very special client, and will hopefully be the first of many unique projects with this international company.