Americana-Themed Backdrops Receiving Major New Inventory Infusion

TheatreWorld Backdrops Confirmed That It Has Begun Production of Circa 20 New Designs For Its Americana Series of Themed and Scenic Backdrops

Monday, October 01, 2012
Americana-Themed Backdrops Receiving Major New Inventory Infusion Mike Mathews, Creative Director for TheatreWorld Backdrops, confirmed today that the company is undertaking a major effort to enhance and upgrade its Americana offering of themed and scenic backdrops.  These enhancements are designed to support many of Broadway’s most performed, hottest, and best known musicals, as well as popular event and party themes. 

The Americana project will span classics such as ANNIE GET YOUR GUN, OKLAHOMA, and SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS, etc. to mega-hit musicals in the vein of BYE, BYE BIRDIE, DREAMGIRLS, FAME, GREASE, HAIRSPRAY, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, and many others featuring 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s settings, themes, and architecture.

In addition to the mega hits, this collection will provide excellent imagery in supporting American-era themed parties and events, as well as cabaret-style concerts and shows. 

Mathews would not give many details about the new backdrops and designs, other than they are “through the roof” and would not commit to releasing any sketches or draft graphic images as in the past.  He did say, however, that TheatreWorld’s Blog may display a pre-release image from time to time.

Mathews did confirm that most of these new designs and backdrops will be TheatreWorld Signature Series Backdrops - highly detailed, period realistic, and exquisitely executed.  He did say it was time for TheatreWorld to “Rock and Roll” and take its Americana offerings over-the-top in similar fashion to many of the organizations other categories and show themes.

The majority of the new collections will be available for late winter and spring shows.

Mathews did say that TheatreWorld’s AMERICAN TOWN SQUARE was one of the initial designs in this series and its debut was very successful with Stages Productions in Florida in support of THE MUSIC MAN over the summer.  TheatreWorld’s American Town Square has met with great acceptance by its rapidly growing client base. 

Additionally, several of the new designs and backdrops will debut with TheatreWorld’s associate, Salerno Entertainment, in the spring in support of a newly developed concert being performed for the first time as part of their spring concert season.

He also confirmed that TheatreWorld’s long anticipated Olde World Toy Shoppe and Whoville Christmas backdrops will debut in November in support of holiday shows, along with their enhanced Emerald City Grand Hall. 

“TheatreWorld is very proud of all three masterpieces,” Mathews commented. 

Mike stated that, in most cases, TheatreWorld has put a “Coming Soon” placeholder image on its website in the Categories and Show Theme Section, where appropriate, to let its clients know what categories and shows are being updated and backdrops are scheduled for new release. 

TheatreWorld’s client services teams will be happy to discuss any of the upcoming new designs with its customers and is happy to personally assist them with show and image planning.