Re-Imagining Scenic Imagery For Broadway’s Classic Musicals And Traditional Plays Well Underway At TheatreWorld Backdrops

Next Generation Of Scenic Theatrical Backdrops Now Releasing!

Monday, July 23, 2012
Re-Imagining Scenic Imagery For Broadway’s Classic Musicals And Traditional Plays Well Underway At TheatreWorld Backdrops TAMPA, FL - Earlier this summer, TheatreWorld Backdrops announced a major summer initiative to enhance its scenic backdrop collections to support many of the traditional Broadway show packages rented by the company to their clients in the US and Canada.
Since the initial announcement in May, TheatreWorld has released a significant number of unprecedented backdrops as part of its ‘Signature Series’ – highly unique, original and next generation scenic backdrops featuring extraordinary levels of detail unavailable anywhere except through TheatreWorld Backdrops

Subsequently, we are pleased to announce that these artistic masterpieces have debuted across the USA to universal customer praise and rave reviews.

While keeping to its primary production focus over the past year of creating cutting edge backdrops for most of Broadway’s more recent, most popular musicals such as THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, LES MISERABLES and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, a large number of TheatreWorld’s new offerings have returned to the golden age of the Broadway musical and re-imagined scenic possibilities for acclaimed theatrical standards.

Since May, six ‘Signature Series’ backdrops in its Castle and Palace category and the backdrops have been added and debuted at traditional theatrical  venues and for corporate special events alike.    These unique masterpieces of art support shows such as AIDA, ALADDIN, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, CAMELOT, CINDERELLA, SLEEPING BEAUTY, and more. 

Also released were three new Signature Series Backdrops for SEUSSICAL: THE MUSICAL, a beautiful nighttime backdrop for FIDDLER ON THE ROOF inspired by both European and Broadway presentations, and a very stylized tropical Cuban coastline for GUYS AND DOLLS that appeared for the first time in the Midwest.

Coming in August are several of TheatreWorld’s most debated and time-consuming new designs.  A classic American Small Town Center re-imagined, providing a new scenic approach to the classic Broadway musical favorite, THE MUSIC MAN. This Signature Backdrop combines vintage American small city charm with excellent early 20th century architecture and a very crisp color palette.
Shipping on July 31th to the Midwest will be TheatreWorld’s new Baroque Abbey designed to support THE SOUND OF MUSIC, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, and more.  This highly detailed backdrop will add significant visual impact to any scene calling for a religious setting.  Complementing this 25’ beautiful backdrop is our 40’ stunning Signature Series Baroque Cathedral Interior in a similar style. 

Additionally, TheatreWorld’s new, very realistic looking and beautiful Swiss Alps backdrop will be showcased in THE SOUND OF MUSIC and is available in both 25’ and 40’ versions.

Releasing to rental inventories shortly will be two additional backdrops for THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA: Desert Encampment (offered in multiple show packages) and the Battle of Hannibal exclusively designed for PHANTOM, as well as two additional Signature Series backdrops for LES MISERABLES.  All four Signature Series backdrops will be exquisite and very detailed, period realistic, and extremely beautiful.  Three of these magnificent backdrops will be recommended for multiple other shows from AIDA to JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT.

Over the past few months, we have been working with our art teams from around the world to re-imagine and represent the Emerald City Interior from THE WIZARD OF OZ in an entirely new and very dramatic style.  This Signature backdrop is heavily inspired by both the Judy Garland movie version as well as Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s and his team’s efforts in London re-imagining the classic.  TheatreWorld will release this unique and totally state-of-the-art backdrop to rental inventories in time for the fall season.

Following directly behind the new Emerald City Interior will be several detailed Victorian parlors to support multiple shows, a Signature Series Ballroom, Baroque Dining Room, several backdrops for HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, GREASE, LEGALLY BLONDE, 50’s/60’s theme Diners, American Mansions and Grand Entrances, several new backdrops for HAIRSPRAY, and of course a few surprises in standard TheatreWorld fashion.
Please visit our Latest Backdrops page on the TheatreWorld Backdrops web site to view the new theatrical backdrops as they are released.

For questions or for more information on backdrop availabilities for your productions or events, please call us at 1.877.901.3353 or email us!  Our customer service teams are here to serve you.