Show Producers and Event Planners: TheatreWorld Announces Highly Customizable Show and Themed Event Backdrop Package Specials

TheatreWorld Further Enhances Already Popular Backdrop Packages For The 2012-13 Theatre Season

Monday, July 16, 2012
Show Producers and Event Planners:  TheatreWorld Announces Highly Customizable Show and Themed Event Backdrop Package Specials TAMPA, FL - Last season and during the summer, TheatreWorld Backdrops’ customer services teams have spoken with many of our clients who use multiple backdrops for their stage productions, and in many cases, for multiple weeks. 

We are thrilled that the overwhelming majority of those we have spoken to have agreed that TheatreWorld’s selection of rental backdrops in its inventory are industry leading, highly detailed, dramatic, and exquisitely executed.  Budget was usually the second tier in conversations as they all were looking to bring the highest quality production imagery and best production value to their presentations.

We are pleased to announce that our Directors’ round table and our business planning folks have put together structured discount plans that we believe will provide just the production financial values our clients have been asking for. 

No longer will TheatreWorld offer specific show packages selected by our teams.  Instead, all TheatreWorld backdrops will be package eligible allowing you to create your vision of the perfect performance imagery meeting your team’s financial goals.

Show or Event Package pricing will begin at 10% off published website pricing with the minimum of a two (2) backdrop order made at least 60 days in advance. 

Show packages containing more than two drops will be quoted by customer services representatives, client specific, but can reach 20% quite quickly. 

It is important to note that TheatreWorld’s discount programs compound; length of rental is published for all to see on TheatreWorld’s website and now, the discount for quantity of backdrops ordered will be on top of the duration discount.

Quite a few of our clients have decided to “mix and match” the selected size of the TheatreWorld backdrops that they use in their presentations. 

For example, many clients performing GUYS AND DOLLS will select TheatreWorld’s Signature Series Vintage Times Square (40’ x 18’) as the main backdrop for the presentation and support that with specific scene imagery in 25’ x 15’ (i.e., Sewer Interior, la Ensenada de Musica, etc.).

Our Customer Services team recently helped a Midwestern high school uniquely configure the presentation of the mega-hit, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, to work within facility and budget constraints for a two-week performance. 

For their production, TheatreWorld’s Signature Series 40’ x 18’ Phantom’s Grotto will be affixed to the rear stage support piping system.  Additionally, TheatreWorld’s Signature Series 25’ x 15’ versions of Phantom of the Opera Main Drape, Battle of Hannibal, and Paris Opera House Roof will be affixed to the multiple fly systems.  This approach allowed the client to use four versus three primary images and present the grotto in its most dramatic form while staying in budget and overcoming facility challenges.

TheatreWorld’s revised show and event package programs are available immediately. 

For questions or more information, please call 1.877.901.3353 or feel free to chat with one of our team members directly from the TheatreWorld Backdrops web site.

Our customer services teams look forward to assist you in meeting your performance or event goals and objectives.