TheatreWorld Significantly Enhancing Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Scenic Backdrop Selections

10 Exciting New B&TB Backdrops Being Developed During Summer Months

Monday, July 02, 2012
TheatreWorld Significantly Enhancing Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Scenic Backdrop Selections TAMPA, FL - Today’s most popular performed musical by schools and theatrical groups in the United States, Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, is undergoing major scenic upgrades by TheatreWorld Backdrops. 

During July and August, TheatreWorld will be introducing ten (10) new Signature Series backdrops designed to support presentations of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.  Customers will have a variety of backdrop options available to choose from to best suit their artistic vision as well as their technical limitations: from a single backdrop designed to support the entire show (intended for Junior or Kids versions) to 5 and 6 backdrop packages designed to support technically complex, dramatic, large main stage productions of this internationally-acclaimed smash hit musical.

TheatreWorld’s current BEAUTY AND THE BEAST backdrop selections, currently sitting at over 25 unique backdrops for this show, span extreme fantasy, designed for younger audiences and actors (supporting artistic visions drawing inspiration from the animated movie) to very period realistic and architecturally-correct themed backdrops for more mature audiences and actors (supporting artistic visions inspired from the Broadway stage version. 

Many of the current offerings are TheatreWorld’s Signature Series Backdrops featuring exquisite levels of detail, beauty, and drama. 

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is one of our personal favorite musicals at TheatreWorld and we wanted to create new backdrop offerings for our customers that are truly unprecedented, extraordinarily detailed, next generation backdrops," says Mike Mathews, TheatreWorld’s Creative Director. 

"The new designs will all be TheatreWorld's Broadway-quality Signature Series: very well executed and beautiful works of art. 

"I'm proud to say that our new Medieval Castle Interior debuted to much acclaim at the Trump International Beach Resort in Miami last month and its Medieval Castle Exterior and Medieval Castle Balcony sister drops have arrived as well," Mathews continued.  "The new B&TB Library, Dining Room, Ballroom, Gaston's Hunting Lodge, Belle's Village and more will be releasing soon as well.  Customers should definitely keep checking our web site, Facebook and Twitter pages for the very latest information and pictures as soon as they become available."

TheatreWorld is obviously investing much capital and effort into their BEAUTY AND THE BEAST collection of backdrops. Many of the backdrops being designed and produced will support several other very popular musicals, i.e., CAMELOT, SLEEPING BEAUTY, CINDERELLA, FROG PRINCE, MAN OF LA MANCHA, and  SNOW WHITE, as well as multiple, popular plays and themed events.

TheatreWorld Backdrops is committed to developing 40+ new Signature Series Backdrops this summer for fall theatre season availability.  Visit TheatreWorld’s website or call the support team for more information about Special Show Packages and new backdrop release dates.