Broadway Quality Backdrops At The Most Reasonable Cost

TheatreWorld Makes Extraordinary Production Values Possible Without Destroying Your Budget

Thursday, October 27, 2011
Broadway Quality Backdrops At The Most Reasonable Cost Tampa, FL – TheatreWorld Backdrops, LLC (TWB) announces the release of its extraordinary product line: the newest, highest quality theatrical backdrops are being presented to American and Canadian producers, directors, and special event planners for rent or purchase at the most affordable prices. The company offers time-tested traditional, dramatic new designs, and highly-customized spectacular alternatives to dazzle audiences at any event.
TWB, creators of the finest visual imagery products for both traditional Broadway musicals as well as the latest contemporary musical blockbusters, brings to you an assortment of visually-mesmerizing and gripping scenic backdrops, panels, banners, and digital-projection images.
TheatreWorld Backdrop endeavors to be your source of choice for renting, purchasing or commissioning original custom all-occasion backdrops that appeal to every eye. 

Created and operated by theatre, design, and multimedia professionals, TWB continues to develop one of the highest quality suites of Backdrops, Panels, Curtains, and Projection Images available to the marketplace today. In addition to its ever-growing suite of products, TWB offers a host of custom design services and products, supported by teams of the finest artists available to create the perfect visualization for your production.

 “TheatreWorld’s mission is to provide its clientele with both traditional and original designs, presented in visually stunning formats, insuring budget-friendly packaging, coupled with the highest quality of customer service,” states TheatreWorld on its web site.
TWB’s market offerings include hand-painted, airbrushed, and digitally-printed backdrops, panels, and banners available for rental or purchase at the most competitive prices in the industry with frequent specials, loyalty rewards for regular customers, and discounts for multiple week rentals.  Durable, yet lighter weight, Muslin and Poly is used to fabricate backdrops (as opposed to traditional heavyweight canvas) to make hanging backdrops much easier, as well as greatly reducing paint cracking, wrinkles, and use damage.  TWB asserts that muslin and poly is the wave of the future and will shortly replace traditional canvas products and provide a better product medium.
But the fascinating collection of products does not end with backdrops and drapery products alone.  TWB has stepped into the innovative technology realm as well and introduces to clients its full suite of dramatic, high-impact images as Digital Projection Images in a variety of standard and high definition densities to support its growing base of theatres, event managers, and corporate clients who employ technology-based alternatives.

About TheatreWorld Backdrops:
TWB is a leader in the design, production, sale, and rent of scenic backdrops, panels, and banners. With over a decade of producing professional entertainment events, coupled with building theatre and concert companies from the ground up, TWB’s staff knows the time investments, challenges, and extraordinary costs generally associated with creating first class events. TheatreWorld Backdrops, LLC was created to help change that.  TWB welcomes inquiries from Producers, Directors, Set Designers, Event Coordinators, Photographers, and/or Corporate media and event teams.  No project is too small to receive TWB’s complete attention. 
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